I'm back! :)

Well after a lovely two week holiday in Cornwall I'm now home. I had a great time with my family, I was very good and ran every other day (there was a beautiful route through the village we stayed in overlooking the fields and sea). However my eating went slightly to pot half way through as I relaxed and I succumbed to a cream tea, fish and chips and a pasty!!!

I've just braved the scales and I've put on 2lbs which is actually ok, I was expecting more. So off to supermarket today to stock up with lots of fresh healthy foods.

Hope you've all had a good couple of weeks, I will try and catch up on what's been happening for you all. :)


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14 Replies

  • Holidays are important and that's only a lb a week!

    You did well to keep up with the running.

    As you say time to get back to it !

  • I too am impressed you kept going with exercise and by the sounds of it you didn't go crazy with eating treats either. Sorry to go off topic but we have booked a last minute holiday to Cornwall next week. Any suggestions of places to go? 😊

  • It depends where you are staying, we stayed near Bude which has a lovely beach with great family friendly restaurants and lots of things for kids.

    Padstow is a must as it's a lovely little harbour with lots of little shops as well as the famous Rick Stein pasty shop (hence why I succumbed to a pasty!). Also Polperro is lovely.

    Hope you have a fab time. :)

  • Thanks for the suggestions x

  • No worries, hope you have a fab time and the weather is kind. :)

  • Very impressed you carried on running while you were away. Staying active while on holiday really helps. Also, once you're back into your routine the 2lbs will quickly go and you'll be back on your journey as before, feeling refreshed after what sounds like an excellent break. Hope you find lots of nice healthy things at the supermarket, maybe try something new you haven't had before (or recently) to make it feel exciting to be back into a healthy routine again :)

  • Oh that's a good idea regarding trying something new, funnily enough I had roasted sweet potato on holiday which never had before and loved it so will get some of those and try cooking them different ways. Really fancy some nice fruit as well as didn't eat as much as I should have over the hols.

    On the plus side I've already been for my morning run so I'm feeling motivated.

    Hope you've had a good couple of weeks. :)

  • I'm trying to 'get something new' each time I buy all the good intention fruit and veg, to keep things interesting. I got butternut squash yesterday, baked some slices with frylight to have with my dinner last night, and kept some back to add to my lunchtime salad today, really looking forward to it! Sweet potatoes are amazing. You can even microwave them and they're delicious, but make sure they're really soft. If you do microwave, put a small cup of water in too to keep it from drying out. I've had good couple of weeks thanks, welcome back :)

  • That's fantastic and 2 pounds is neither here nor there. All it says is that you DID look after your eating habits and didn't go nuts on food - you should be really happy with that.

    And as Ruth says once you are back in the swing it will go quickly.

  • Thanks Dave, hope you've had a good couple of weeks.

  • Glad you had a good holiday - Cornwall is lovely! We stayed on the outskirts of Padstow 2 months a go for a long weekend - so nice!

    Well done for only putting 2lbs on - and running every other day - that is an achievement! You will lose that very quickly. Sounds like you are getting straight back on it too :)

  • Thanks, had a bit of a lapse last night as it was our anniversary while we were away and parents came over last night to have a belated celebration. They ordered a take away curry and we had champagne. I did have vegvegetable curry and plain rice though and only one glass of champers!

    Hope you've had a good couple of weeks. :)

  • Sounds like you thought about your food choices as best you could! It's hard when it's celebrations - I figure your anniversary is only once a year :)

    I've been doing okay thank you, had a slip up yesterday too!

  • Yes I saw that, I did comment. I'm positive we will both stay focused now we have got over that hurdle. Enjoy your gardening. :)

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