Hi everyone. This is new to me so I feel a bit odd writing this, but after reading through the forum everyone seems really supportive of each other and it's great to read people's stories.

I'm a university student who has been living alone this summer (so I'm basically cooking for my imaginary family of five!) and I am close to obese. I only really leave the house to go to work and I'd really like to get out more and do the things that other 20 year olds are doing.

Anyway the goal is to lose 15kg to get my BMI back down into the healthy range and stop me from running out of breath on the walk to work! Not really sure what else to say at the moment but I'm really inspired by everyone's stories on here. Looking forward to seeing where the 12 week plan takes me.


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  • Hi hudson95, 12 weeks ago I was where you're at and have now lost 19lbs, only a few lbs away from a healthy BMI. Have you thought about doing couch to 5k as well as the 12 week plan? It's a great way to get out and active. You don't necessarily need any kit just to get started, and it's manageable with just 1 minute runs in the first week, then gradually building up to 90 seconds, 3 mins, etc. Good luck for your weight loss journey, however you plan to do it, and welcome :)

  • Hi Ruth!

    Well done on losing 19lbs, that's amazing - I hope I'm in the same position as you in 12 weeks. Thank you for the suggestion about the couch to 5k, I looked it up and I've just download the first podcast. I'm going to give it a try tonight and I'm quite excited, despite the grey drizzle outside! I appreciate the message :)

  • Yay! I really think that exercise made the extra difference for me, although I did C25K first, then I did the 12 week plan afterwards. But the 12 week plan does suggest doing both at the same time. Also, although my boyfriend comes over quite a lot, like you I live on my own, so C25K was a good way to go out and feel out in the world, and to feel I'm actively taking steps towards improving my fitness. Good luck for your first run :)

  • +1 here fo C25K! I'm now on week 9 and I cannot believe what I've been able to do. If I can do it so can you!

    Five years from now what will you have wanted yourself to do today?

    Take one step, do one thing, get a result then do another!


  • Thank you for the motivation! I'm looking forward to it.

  • P.s. first run complete! It felt amazing and I got locked out afterwards (oops) so I had to go and meet my neighbours, turns out they are also students and very friendly so it turned out to be a win win!

  • I told you running's a good way to get out! I've had a few interesting conversations with our estate cleaner Paddy as a result of being out early running, and met one of my neighbours who seems to be a running instructor but also chain smokes! Before I didn't know anyone in my block so it's been good for me getting to know neighbours etc too :)

  • Well done for taking steps to improve your health. I also commend myfitnesspal. It is a free app that calculates how many calories you need, you consume and you burn. It also helps you to balance your diet nutritionally. It has a barcode scanner. Dead easy to use.

    I see you comment that you are cooking for a family of 5! Batch cooking is great. Buy some freezer boxes and bags and freeze meals for another time.

    Portion control is key.

    Ruth has told you about c25k I also advocate building activities into your normal day. Park and stride. Get off the bus a stop or two before your destination. Take the stairs not the lift.

    This is all about a lifestyle that will get you healthier. Little things that can fit in our lifestyles can make a big impact.

    Anyhow I wish you well on your quest for health and fitness.

  • Thank you 2bFabnfit! I just downloaded it and I've had way too much fun scanning barcodes but it's also been a bit of an eye opener.... ouch.

    I think I'll go out and get some tupperware boxes tomorrow but I also need to read up on what's actually freezable and so on - at least that saves me time for the days when I'm working. I'll stop taking the train to work, it adds an extra 20 minutes either way to the journey which will probably tire me out but is definitely worth trying a few times a week. I really appreciate the advice, best of luck to you too.

  • Just a thought , are you eating because you're bored or because you've made the food and don't want to waste it? If you know the answer to this it might help you decide on your next step.

  • Definitely both - I have the worst sweet tooth ever, which I have no idea what to do about.

  • Sweet tooth ... Try sugar free jelly. Filling sweet and cheap!.

    M and s do little boxes of sugar free sweets ( buttermilk, rhubarb and custard etc 8 calories a sweet )

    Buy grapes ( watch out they are high sugar) freeze them. They are delicious frozen treats. I have about 6 at a time for a sweet treat.

  • Maybe I should have made that my username! Thank you, I'd totally forgotten about jelly - I'll pop into M&S tomorrow...

    I definitely need to work out a strategy for cutting back on refined sugars.

  • Look at my post. 'Sugar was my poison '...

    I went cold turkey!

  • Wow! It's scary to think our bodies can act so aggressively when we cut out sugar. However the idea that sugar is 'poison' is something that has resonated with me for a while, as well as being my weakness. Would you recommend going cold turkey as a bit of a wake up call?

  • Your choice. It was horrible but I am glad I did it. I still have fresh fruit but that's it ... no refined sugar

  • I might give it a shot. Well done on getting through it though, it sounds difficult.

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