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Week3 complete (continue the mission)

Week3 and another 3lb loss, this takes me to 15lbs loss. Scales can be your friend after all, who would have thought it!!!!!!!!!!. I started at 15st 4lbs and am now 14st 3lbs, well chuffed I can tell you.

Well these has been a very busy week in the world of food.(even now it consumes my being)

I have been out to dinner at a local harvester with friends I haven't seen for a year, and they were very complementary. Which was lovely as have already lost 3 stone previously so this is a bigger loss to them to see. I was concerned that I might sabotage my journey by accepting invite but this healthy way of eating has got to be for life hasn't it!!!!!!!!! Ate really well and stuck to chicken, jacket potato and piles of salad, no pudding even though they both had pudding, just had my sparkling water and felt great. Talked so much never really thought of extra food and was plenty full. 3 hours later we left, I bet the waiter couldn't wait for us to leave as we were cackling away like a coven of witches, must have been a sight !!!!!

Second large event of the week was my youngest daughter's 25th birthday bless her, when asked what she would like for her birthday treat she said a big dinner at home and a large dinosaur cake, obviously made by me Woo Hoo !!!!!!!!

Luckily I love making cake but when I've made it I struggle to eat it. The smell gets to sweet for me. I know you are thinking I can't believe it but it really does. So cake made on to diner. She asked for pasta,( we come from Italian stock, so what else would it be) which is fine, her favourite is always tomato based. Garlic bread please!!!!!!. was her next implore, I can do that, though this is one my weaknesses, please save me from the garlic bread monster calling me !!!!!!! In the end though all was fine, She is one of 4 children all adults, so with their respective partners my house was heaving. 9 people eating, especially when 4 are men , don't expect to over eat it cannot happen. Lovely evening, ate outside in glorious weather, ya hoo to British weather you are amazing. Noise and laughter better than food any day. I would have struggled to get a piece of cake even if I had wanted it.

The whole evening really helped me to understand what is important to me, my health and staying close to my family, I've decided it is better than being blobby and is helping me to keep going.

I'm still on my way to fab and 50.

Here's to week 4.

Hope everyone has a good week and remembers to believe in themselves because you are all amazing.

Ps thanks for all your inspirational posts, when I'm feel tempted I get on the site and read through peoples comments ands it really helps.

Jo xx

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Fabulous inspirational post....and so very true! I too read posts daily to keep me on track. Your family celebration sounded perfect.


Family are my biggest inspiration as want to be around for a long time yet to enjoy them.

This site really is like my second family now as it inspires me to keep going so thanks for listening to my ramblings.

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That is fantastic you should be SO proud of your efforts - well done :)

And yes hile food brings people together its the people not the food that we should be focused on - sounds like you are cracking the code.

Go you!

P.S. You look WAY too young to have a 25 year old daughter! :D


Thanks, I'm starting to feel better already.

PS. Even worse I have a daughter who is nearly 30. Oh my god how old am I !!!!!

In my head I'm still wearing legwarmers and listening to Madonna lol


Hi Jo,

Good on ya

Have a great week



Thanks flower, hope you have a great week.


Well done jo4950 keep up the good work. l have got my weigh in on Friday l haven't had one since the 10th


Thanks, fingers and toes crossed for you on Friday.

Have a good week.


Hi Jo, you are doing such a fantastic job with your weight loss. Well done on losing 3 lbs in week 3. You are obviously doing something totally right and to lose a whole stone + a pound = 15 lbs already is definitely something to be proud of :-)

You are definitely on a mission!! :-) and good for you. I'm on a mission to which ain't impossible LOL

Here's to being fab@50

Trafford1 x

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