Hail Caesar! A new, rejuvenated leader,

As the newly named Caesar Dozzicus I bring greetings to of all my followers across the Empire.

Sauntering down to the forum this morning my eyes alighted upon a tartan-trimmed, gold shopping trolley. A veritable chariot! This I will covet until it is mine.

I heard also of a mythological, bejewelled ocarina in dim, distant lands. A quest!

So I continued to the hippodrome and waving graciously to subservient onlookers accomplished today's triple circuit. I was disappointed not to see the chariot but that day will come.

Until tomorrow, I bid thee goodbye.

(Centurions rally and bow.)

(I don't advise running in a toga.)


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9 Replies

  • Not sure I have a clue what's happening here, but I tend to agree about the toga...

  • Centurion speaks, bringing message from Caesar

    "Greetings to you in your far distant forum. Join us! Join us in C25K. Work up to your nine week achievement level! Fear not if it takes longer! My soldiers will assist all the way! Journey with us! May our paths meet down at the hippodrome!"

  • Hi Caesar Dozzicus,

    I am not a Centurion, and I don't have a toga, but I applaud your enthusiasm and ability to complete a triple circuit today. Really good!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Made no sense but did make me laugh😃

    Let me know when you've got the trolley, will the toga match ? lol

    Have a great week


  • His life was gentle; and the elements

    So mixed in him, that Nature might stand up

    And say to all the world, THIS WAS A MAN!

  • You're as mad as a hatter but who cares.

    You have a goal (quest) and you are working towards it with passion.

    Thats all that matters :)


    Good morrow fine Ceasar may thy battle

    Be fought in the best of ways!

    Onwards to the applauding hippadrome!

    Gladius Ginius!

  • Did you see my guinea-pig while you were out?


  • Caesar dizzy us, (spell check but appropriate) Now pray, where doth thou get running sandals from.

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