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How do people find time to exercise enough to lose weight around having a full time job & a little bit of a life?! I can't seem to get into an exercise routine as things get in the way!! :(

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I try to incorporate exercise into my working day, sometimes I go for a walk at lunchtime and walk home from work, it doesn't feel so much of a chore and allows me the rest of my day so not eating into my evenings.

I also joined my local council run leisure center and signed up for exercise classes membership and enjoy zumba and pilates classes.

How about making exercise part of your day and not a separate activity. Like, parking your car a little bit further away from work or taking the stairs instead of the lift / elevator. Don't have lunch sitting at your desk. Go for a walk and have lunch in the park. Become a little more active in your day you will find that you will want to do more. Take it from me it works, I too work full time and have a family with all its demands. To be honest I enjoy Taking these excessive breaks as it feels like me time.

Pixie, have you considered couch to 5 k? There Is a support group on here.. 3 @ 30 minutes a week.

no cost, no gym membership and it works....

see healthunlocked.com/couchto5k

pixie9 in reply to Anaverageman

Yes I have considered the couch to 5k (tried it once and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped) but I do want to try it again. I take part in the race for life every year so that's my goal, to run/jog that :)

Anaverageman in reply to pixie9

well why not start out again? The c25k forum WILL help you get through it.. everyone there is helpful and friendly ( and often face the same problems as you) .. its a great community! 30 mins, 3 days a week when YOU can ... its doable! you can surprise yourself with how much you can achieve! Hopefully see you there

Gonti10 kg

Good morningPixie. Try the NHS strength and fitness 5 week program which you ca download and do for home. Also Google "fidget factor".

My example, in the last five months as I have got fitter I have stepped up from 5hours to 20 hours a week in increments. This includes swimming and weight training but also cycling to work and almost everything else for example cleaning, gardening, 10 Minute stretches at work, and doing sit-ups at home while watching the news. I am more likely to meet friends for an activity than a meal. I have only just started including walking in the mix -bad knee - and c25k is not a sensible option for me.

I hate to sound negative but EVERYONE has things that get in the way, a full time job, a little bit of life that they want to have.

You can exercise and find time to do it if you really want to - you just have to make that a bigger priority then other stuff in your life.

I used to complain that I could not fit in exercise - mind you this is me complaining about that while I sit on the couch watching TV 2 or 3 or 4 hours a night!

Try getting a Fitbit or Jawbone if you can afford them - they are around $100 but they are SO motivating - I have started to find weird and wonderful ways to get to my 10,000 steps because I have a goal to work towards each day.

Take 5 minutes an hour at work and walk around the building at full pace - takes no time and its exercise.

Make your lunch so you have time to eat it and get out for a 15 minute walk.

Get up 20 mins earlier and go for a walk then.

Someone else mentioned parking your car an extra 200 metres away. Or walk around an extra block on the way to the bus or train station.

If you want to you can find ways to get your 30 or 40 minutes a day of exercise.

I know you can do this. You really can :)

Koomie in reply to Dave1961

Totally agree!!!

Spot On! Work isn't an option, Eating isn't an option, Looking after ourselves isn't an option.

pixie9 in reply to Dave1961

Thanks for your reply, I appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts/ideas.

I am aware that EVERYONE has things that get in the way, which was why I was asking for advice. And I WANT to get fit/lose weight, which again was why I asking.

I have considered getting a Fitbit though so thanks for mentioning that, I might look into one.

Join some sort of sports club then you are exercising with your friends and it feels like you are having a life when you exercise!

Just excersisng will not shift that much weight broadly speaking you need to run a matathon to lose a pound of fat 😁

Dave196125kg in reply to Prin

The real key here is NOT how many calories you burn while you work out its how many calories your body CONTINUES to burn after you finish.

Exercise ups our metabolism for several hours after we finish AND (depending on the exercise) it builds lean muscle which in turn increases our metabolism.

Win win :)

pixie9 in reply to Prin

I am eating really healthy too, I've pretty much got that sorted :)

I do all my exercise at home. Do an intense workout 4 times a week which takes 50 minutes at most. Involves HIITS (high intensity interval training) and weights. Not body building but lots of reps with lighter weights and only use a cheap £30 set of Argos weights. Found the HIITS really hard at first but saying that HIITS should always be hard as it involves 30 seconds of 100% effort followed by 30-45 seconds rest. When I first started I was having 60 seconds rest but as my fitness improved I now only have 30 seconds rest. Depending on what weights I am doing I do up to 16 rounds of working sets of HIITS.

I was a member of a gym but I know do more focussed and effective workouts at home.

I exercise Saturday and Sunday mornings first thing while fasted. I do further workouts on Tuesday and Thursday mornings first thing again. I get up at 5.00am on weekdays so easily fit it in before work.

Don't get the idea that I am a fitness fanatic. I hate HIITS, don't mind the weights too much but still wouldn't say I enjoy it.

I do the exercise because it works. I am thinner and 100% fitter than I used to be.

If you really want to exercise you can do it and fit it in to your lifestyle. It just depends on how committed you are.

14 months ago I was over 21 stones, food obsessed, sedentary, lazy, unfit and suffering with various medical problems related to my weight.

I am now 13 stone 12 lbs, fit, active and the joint and other issues I had have gone.

Easy to say but it really does take self discipline and commitment. I don't know how I did it but I have and it's completely changed my life. I eat healthily although still tempted and still enjoy the odd blow out. I am 57 years old and have played at dieting and fitness on numerous occasions over the years.

If you decide to change your life you can do it but only you can make that decision and mean it.

Do it and treat the diet and fitness as a challenge. That's the way I do it and it works for me.

pixie9 in reply to Andyt2120

Thank you for your reply. I think I'll give this a go. I exercise at home & at the minute find it difficult to find something that feels like it is actually worth while, I spend time exercising but it doesn't seem to benefit me in the 'long run'

Thanks again. I feel inspired to try something new now :)

Andyt2120 in reply to pixie9

Check out Joe Wicks HIITS for beginners on u tube


Don't have to all the exercises. I struggle to do some so just do running up and down on the spot.

pixie9 in reply to Andyt2120

Thanks for the video :) I'll try this

Andyt2120 in reply to Andyt2120

I signed up for Joe Wicks 90 day programme which has permanently changed the way I eat and exercise. I now eat a lot more but exercise harder. £149.00 on line plan with good customer support. Don't have to pay though plenty of free advice on the net by Joe.

I completed it and lost lots of inches from my waist, hips and chest.

the 7 minutes app is great. give it a try. or 20mins jumping jacks and squats and push up circuits...

There is lots of ways to incorporate exercise into your life and it does not have to be structured. Walks and making more effort in everyday things. Leave the car at home or get off a stop early on the bus.

My favourite is listening to loud music and doing the cleaning at the same time, makes me feel great.

Find something you really like and give it a go and you will you manage to fit it in.

Hope you find something to fit in with your life.

Just remember than in amongst everything you are important and you deserve to find time for yourself.

Have a good week.

pixie9 in reply to Jo4950

Thank you for your reply, it's got me thinking of the little things I can do with more effort on top of exercise :) thanks

sueper5 stone

I think many of us accept that exercise isn't going to help us lose loads of lbs but it will make you fitter and more toned.

I try to do 20 mins a day - I walk around the block for 20 mins - that is it. No time travelling to the gym or faffing about changing to swim, just a quick 20 minute walk when I get home from work.

I do try to walk for about 1 - 2 hours on a Saturday.

You are right about finding the time to exercise so just committing to doing 20 mins a day works for me.

Hope you can find something that fits for you :)

nanashonRestart June 2020

Hi Pixie, it is hard to get focused and excerise when life is busy! But we always do feel better after it!! Im a member of a gym And if im not going i feel guilty bout the

Money it costs so that makes me go!! But try walking before work, Or at lunchtime? It then wont impact your free time

In the evening 😄

Life is so busy nowadays. However, starting to run on a programme like Couch to 5K takes 30 minutes. I know that I could get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning or miss a TV programme in the evening and do that. It is just 3 times a week too.

I have stopped using my car to go into town (it only takes 15 minutes to get there too and I enjoy the walk much more than a drive.

Could you walk in your lunch break, you could even start a walking group once a week and get others into it!


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