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Well ...just had my NHS health check letter through the post and thought I'd get my rear end into gear and start now to get some brownie points after checking my bmi and nearly falling off the sofa! Plan looks good and looking forward to upping my exercise (she says as she lolls on aforementioned sofa with feet up). Looking at other posts is inspiring me already. ... just need to stick at it! ☺

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Hi Lynnie,

I do so know that feeling !!!

You know what's going on, but one day it really becomes reality. I'm sure you find loads of support and advice here - I have.

Take one step at a time - and what I found helps me is not to look at the weight where I want to be - it's so far away and would make me doubt myself.

I found little goals that I KNOW I can achieve really help.

Anyway, a warm welcome and good luck 😊

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Thank you ☺ Am sure it will be tough at times but it's good to read on here that I'm not alone and others are doing so well on this 12 wk programme! Just downloaded the running coach prog ... desperately need to get fit!!!!


Hi. You've made a positive start by signing up here, you'll get tons of support. All the best for your weight loss journey.


Thank you ☺


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