Back pain gone I hope !!!!!!

Well today is the day I go to have my epidural for my back. I have been up since 4 as back aches like hell and the rain clattering on the window didn't help.

But hey on a good note cats have had an early brekkie and they seem very content. Woo hoo to them as I'm not allowed any, just sips of water lovely !!!!!.

I am gagging for a cup of tea, my usual get and go has gone along with my tea boo hoo.

On a serious note though I have really enjoyed the site over the last week or so and reading the posts and chats have really helped to keep me focused and positive.

It's nice to know I am not alone.

But like ET I shall be glad to get it all over and done with and be back home

Have a great and successful day everyone and I hope it's not so wet where you are.


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12 Replies

  • Hi Jo,

    Hope all goes well


  • Thanks I really appreciate post, just got back from hospital and ach like mad but hey it should be a lot easier in a day or two.

    My anaesthetist was a hoot. Had the radio on and spent the time asking me was who on the radio. Had a long conversation about the Bee Gee's very bizarre.

    Lovely bunch down at Stamford Hospital couldn't ask for better care.

    Hope you are having a good day.

  • Just a while longer and you should be feeling a lot better. All the best for the procedure!

  • Thanks, woo hoo to all pain gone. Resting for rest of the day then gentle exercises tomorrow hopefully.!!!!

  • Hi Jo - hope everything went well today and the epidural works quickly - also that you had a great day....

    All the best

    Mary xxx

  • Hi Mary - back quite achy, suppose didn't expect anything else. The were really lovely though (that's new, different consultant, head honcho no less)

    Gave me steroids at same time, they have said a couple of days then I will appreciate the difference, woohoo.

    I had been good until my 2 younger daughters turned up with my favourite drink from Costa, strawberry and cream cooler, not just medium but large with loads of cream adorning the top. It was a thing of beauty !!!!!!!!!

    Normally I can resist but my resolve crumbled and I fell upon it like a starving Bless them !!!!!!

    They also brought with them a packet of choc chip hobnobs, only had one and when they left I got the to take them with them, thank god as I would have eaten the blinking lot.

    Hope you managed a walk and your day has been ok.

    Jo x

  • Hi Jo - Good to know you had good treatment from the hospital - I have loads of time for everyone who works at a hospital but really appreciate it when I have good service which is rare.....hope the pain goes before too long - I have a broken bone in the lower part of my back so I know the pain you have is constant - I will ask my doc about epidurals just to see if they would help me, as I can't even sweep the floor!!

    I have had a terrible two days and ate a whole - well almost the whole packet of is been worse - its a long story as always but to cut it short I had to go on driving tuition course today - 4.1/2 hrs - I started that off by having an accident thanks to an **sehole tailgating me so I went to park my car for a min so he could overtake and ended up catching the fender from a parked car and took it off, making scratches in that car and mine!!!!!! I have a feeling I will be hitting the choc again tonight I feel so anxious and annoyed.

    I am going to see my dad in his "home" tomorrow so that is not making me feel any better!!!! I better get off here now before I depress you so much you hit the naughties too...

    Good to know you enjoyed the drink - you should have some things you enjoy or life is not worth living.

    Speak soon and have a good evening and Sunday.

    Speak soon xxxxx

  • Hi Mary, I'm really sorry you had such a rubbish day, you deserve better. Nothing worse for your back than spending so much time in a car. This days driving is torture as back never feels comfortable. Luckily my discs are just crumbling so can do some things fairly easy. Epidurals seem to be the way forward for me when the pain gets unbearable.

    Don't worry about yesterday, that day is gone and today you can start again, Try to be kind to yourself and not expect to be perfect. I've found it never works if I get to het up as I end up eating more, then feel worse.

    I hope your visit to your dad goes well and you do not end up feeling to stressed. It's very difficult to see a parent when they are suffering and you cannot do anything to help. I looked after my mum until she died a few years ago and it was agony. They are your parents and they have always looked after you and the role reversal is quite hard to get your head around. Not that I ever minded as she was a massive character to the end bless her. I know your dad is not the same as he was but try to enjoy him for who he has become.

    And remember if you need to eat malteasers to get through hey so what !!!!!!

    I'm going to the beach today, it's an annual thing with all our old relatives. I plan to do very little as still achy. We usually have an annual bake off with a show stopper cake (obviously I always win, queen of cakes me) but this year as have the treatment on my back have not made anything. And I will have to say I don't feel like to much sweet things as not right. Hopefully they will believe it and not push too much cake my way . Usually I do lots of stuff but this year I'm going to relax and let others do the rushing about, hopefully !!!!!!!!

    I really hope today is not to bad and you enjoy the visit a bit.

    Take care I will be thinking of you.

    Jo x

  • Hi Mary,

    I hope that you are ok and that your weekend was not too hard. I know you went to see your dad, I hope it did not make you feel too sad.

    Remember I am thinking about you and hope you are feeling ok.

    Take care


  • Feeling rough as Jo but thanks very much for your message......i just love the positiveness of people like you, my friend, especially when times are tough....

    night Jo and thanks again xxx

  • Just remember I'm thinking of you.

    Every day is a new day and a fresh start with no recriminations.

    Take care and be kind to yourself. I know it feels like war at the moment but it will pass.

    Jo xx

  • Hello Jo - been thinking about you and how you are doing.......I don't often come on here but just thought as I was catching up I would take the opportunity of asking.

    Hope you and the family are all OK - be nice to know when you get a min.

    Love Mary xxxx

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