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You MUST resist!

I went on a residential bootcamp 4 years ago. Lots of good healthy food, controlled calories, education and LOTS of exercise.

Mornings would be a walk, followed by breakfast, followed by 3 hours of cardio (with breaks of course) and quite varied. Afternoons were lectures or even one day we were taken to the supermarket and shown HOW to buy healthy - checking labels, smelling fruit - it was awesome.

There were a huge variety of things we did but I LOVED boxing - great exercise, really full on cardio workout and helps you regain some balance and get used to using your body again.

Unfortunately I was smoking AND I reduced my heart meds to try and increase my heart rate (don't even say it! lol)

9 days in after a VERY hard workout I went into atrial fibrillation - measured at 250+ beats per minute (they thought 300 but could not get an accurate reading). Had to get electroshocked in the ambulance to try and push it back into rhythm - it was pretty ugly.

AND gave me an awesome excuse to quit. Yet again. But those days are behind me! :D

SO - I was looking for the boxing gloves in the shed last night as I was thinking I should get back to boxing and found a bag full of stuff from the bootcamp...including resistance bands.

Now at the moment I am in the shop 12 hours a day - owners is a way so this is home but thats OK and I am making the best of it BUT going the gym right now is hard to do.

But what I CAN do is do a quick 20 minute resistance band workout while I am behind the desk at work. I found some resistance band videos on youtube and I have a mat at home so tomorrow morning I start resistance training.

The video shows you what I am talking about.

Its a GREAT thing to do for people who do NOT want to go to the gym for some reason. Building lean muscle mass is SO important to get the most out of your weight loss.

You can get a decent resistance band for $20, a mat for the same price and you are ready to go!

Your gym at home!

But seriously I think its a GREAT middle step between sedentary and getting into the gym - and you can do it all while watching tele if you like!


P.S. If you have a computer that is not from the dark ages it will have a HDMI port. You can buy a HDMI cable for a few pound and attach your computer to your TV. That way you can play the youtube video on your TV. Easy!

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I started my exercise routine using a resistance band. Well at 18.5 stone I was too embarrassed to go to the gym!

Even though I have three sessions a week at the gym now, the resistance band always goes with me when I'm away as it's so easy to tuck away in your suitcase when accessing the gym isn't an option. Wouldn't be without it!


I'm so glad you said that. I've never really thought of it as a "real" piece of exercise equipment but I tried it for a while last night and my biceps are telling me its DEFINITELY a real piece of exercise equipment :)


Great post!! That video look good as well, I look exactly like that girl in my dreams and the resistance band wont take up any space in my flat. might actually go get one today

I tried the jullian michael dvd once but couldn't keep up :-(


Try the walk at home. Boy do I feel that it works. I live in a flat and it's great


If you ever look at the PX90 INSANITY videos they use resistance bands all the time. I use one for rehab on my wonky elbow. Got a funny look from the assistant in Decathlon when I kept saying no have you got a skinnier one than that! Settled on a junior version to start with but its working.

Really good post Dave, hope all is well with you!


I like you!


Thinking about this resistance band idea - I go to a pilates class each week and we use them there and I have one at home. Maybe I need to use it more than once a week...

Also I really don't like the gym - I have joined often and gone for 6 months/a year then just don't go back. It seems everyone is soooo body conscious in those places and I end up feeling like a heffalump...arghhh.


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