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heyy guys im currently on the 3rd day of my diet and today I weighed my self as I was really tempted to see what I lost even though I know I wont be able to lose a lot in three days and was supposed to weigh my self sunday however today I weighed my self and I lost 0.2kg im just wondering is that okay for the first three days I doo know I have a lot to goo

thankyou for reading pls reply

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I tend to weigh in more than once a week and any loss is good. Hopefully you'll lose nearest a kg by the end of the week.


Hi Hello123456,

Hope you're enjoying your first week. It's great to hear you've already lost 0.2 kg in 3 days, and I hope your weigh-in on Sunday goes really well - like Yoyonomore says, you're likely to lose about a kg if you continue at that rate, and that's a good loss. Everyone varies, and usually there's slightly more loss in the first week than in subsequent weeks as often we lose 'water weight' when we start a healthy eating plan to lose weight.

Hope you're finding it ok so far.

Lowcal :-)

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thankyou for your support iv just joined gym hoping that will be good and I really hope this week weigh in goes good


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