So today I'd planned on taking my three cheeky boys to the park for a few games of football and cricket to spend some quality time with my babies and also burn a few extra calories.

However I woke with a huge migraine (I suffer a lot with these!) and can just about walk downstairs. Feel so bad for my boys who were really excited about today. Although I've realised what lovely kids they are as when they knew I was poorly my eldest said "it doesn't matter mummy, we can snuggle up and watch a film".

So instead they've just helped me make some healthy popcorn (no salt or sugar just a sprinkle of cinnamon) and we are about to snuggle up with a blanket for a mammoth movie day.

Fingers crossed my head is better tomorrow for my C25K run. :(


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22 Replies

  • Aww hope you feel better soon. I get migraine too and they are horrible.

  • Thank you Yoyonomore, they are awful.

  • I get them too but very rarely now, feel like I sort of grew out of them. You just have to rest until you feel better. You will get your park outing soon and if you're not up to running tomorrow, that can wait too.

  • Thank you, we go on our holiday to Cornwall on Friday so there will hopefully be lots of opportunity for fun in the park and on the beach. :)

  • And maybe you can take your running shoes with too ;)

  • yes definitely they will be packed. It's going to be hard resisting all the pasties and cream teas although me and hubby have said we might share one once so we have a little treat, then I'll make sure I do a run. :)

  • Hi Tuppy133,

    I hope you're smiling now, and that you've been enjoying those films snuggled up in your blanket with your lovely kids, and enjoying those mammoth movies. :-)

    Hope your migraine disappears really soon, and hope tomorrow is a pain-free day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    Thank you, I'm feeling a bit brighter now although head is still thumping but my boys have certainly looked after me. My eldest even made lunch for us all including a lovely salad for me.

    Just looking forward to taking some of my strong migraine tablets later and hopefully getting a good sleep.

    Thanks for your kind words. :)

  • Hope you are feeling better now tuppy. Migranes are horrible :( Playing football on the beach with your boys (and the big kid too!) will burn off loads of calories though, enjoy your holiday!

  • Thank you, good luck over next two weeks as not sure if there's wifi in the cottage we are staying at so look forward to hearing out you're getting on when I get back. I promise to try not to eat too many pasties!!! Haha.

  • Thank you - going to have pizza and wine tomorrow night so may not see that big a loss on Monday! Enjoy your holiday :) I read you are taking your running shoes - that will make up for a pastie or two!x

  • Bless you, I hope you feel better soon. What awesome boys you have though and hopefully you will be able to make the park with them soon.

    Have a wonderful week.

  • Thank you that's very kind of you. I'm feeling a lot better than earlier. Yes my boys have made me very proud today. :)

  • I'm really glad. Remember tomorrow is another day and you go for it.

  • Thanks, hope you have a great week too.

  • Hope ur feeling better....migraines r awful I used to get them ALOT but thankfully not so much now....hope u had lovely day snuggled with your babies xxx

  • Thank you, yes feeling a lot better after snuggles with them today, it's amazing how a cuddle from your children can make you feel so much better. :)

  • Hi there. Sorry to read about your migraines, just a thought you could have low blood sugar, nothing to do with not eating sugar but rather keeping your glucose levels stable . To correct this you need to eat a small amount of protein every 3 hours ie 6-8 almonds, low fat cottage cheese or a small protein shake or a little chicken or meat or egg. Particularly at night before going to bed have some protein to keep blood glucose levels stable till breakfast. I encourage you to give it a try, you don't have to eat more food , rather do small amounts frequently and have protein. Cheers Trish

  • Hi denvajade, thanks so much for your reply. That's something I've never thought of and just suffer with them and take prescribed pills from the doctor.

    I will try this and see if it helps.

    Thanks again.

  • Well worth a try I had migraines vomiting for 12 years, every week having morphine and stemital injections to stop the vomiting. At last a doctors aid no fruit, fruit juice sugar or coffee for three months and do the 3 hourly protein. NO meds and no more migraines EVER, cheets

  • Have you identified any triggers for your migraines? Sometimes keeping a food/ drink diary can be helpful.

  • Hi Penel, Yes it's mainly dairy that affects me so try and stay clear of that, it also happens around a certain time of month so think that's connected.

    Thanks for your reply. :)

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