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Saturday sin bin

Ok so not too bad, three walks with the dogs, out walk pushing wheelchair.

But I think I have found my weakness, secret eating. I have been kidding myself that I am not having much but really clocking up the cals. So... I think the suggestion on here of completing my fitness pal is a good one to get me realise just what's going on... And in!!

First weigh in Monday eek not looking forward to it

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Myfitnesspal is great for making yourself accountable. I find it helps me check whether I really do want an extra mouthful of something between meals. You can also pre enter meals to plan ahead, so you know how much 'spare' you have for any snacks, extra coffees etc throughout the day.


I like the per plan idea, great for when working too. Like you say know what you have spare.



Good on you - I used to hate that feeling of sneaking around trying to hide food - it just rips the enjoyment out of it in the end.

Yep Myfitnesspal (MFP) is fantastic. You scan barcodes e.g. your cereal in the morning and logs it and counts the cals or even import a recipe from the web and will work out the calories - its awesome.

And Ruth is absolutely right it DOES make you think about things. Yesterday I had a skinny latte - skinny but still it was around 100 cals which meant I had to miss out on my favourite yoghurt.

Today I met someone for coffee and decided to have a long black with milk on the side and save myself 95 calories. No way I would have done that without understanding the calories and the impact to my day.

I also use a Fitbit because I like that it's always a constant reminder to go for a walk or remain active and the two talk to each other so it works well.


Another good tip. Will defo think about activity tracker.

Well time to get up and go with pups.

Ps: love the pork kale and chick pea recipe, might rustle that up later .


Its delish!


I used to be the same! I get home about an hour before my boyfriend and would eat a sneaky snack *cough* meal *cough* beforehand and then eat our dinner. MFP really showed me the proportions of calories I need to each meal and healthy snack in between. I now make sure my last snack is after 4pm (I leave at 5pm and we tend to eat about 8pm) so I am not incredibly hungry when I get home. I still find it hard to wait til 8pm to eat but I think it's important to sit down for a meal together and actually talk! I have bought some ryvita crackerbread and smoked paprika rice cakes to keep in the car so I can have a munch whilst driving home (I have an hour's commute) and it's all sub 40 calories.

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Hello Saturday sin bin,

I think you can justify a treat or two on Saturday night. Get rid of the guilt! Why does secret eating seem so pleasurable, and then we love to wallow in the guilt. From my experience. I am making popcorn on Sunday nights, watching crime time. Trying to subtract the popcorn binge (no butter, light salt) from somewhere else in the week. We are doing this to become fit, aren't we?


Your so right. If it's not guilty and shameful then it looses part of the appeal.

Will look at making own popcorn again. Used to love it.

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Actually read in a vegetarian cookbook (eat meat as well) that a great snack is popcorn, if you make it yourself and use a little oil. The microwave popcorn that tastes so delish often uses palm oil which isn't too cool, apparently. Am trying a new twist on my diet, that is exercising before eating a late breakfast, having a brunch then and a dinner. Oh well, off to the woods to pick some ripe blueberries. This is another downside of dieting: being obsessed with foods...

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Oo blueberries yummy

Best we get are black berries and I've got my eye on them lol

Happy pickin


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