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Saturday Weight


After a week and a half so to speak good news the weight has receded I have not got the best scales but it reads 80 kgs so am a very happy chappy. Thanks to all who have helped with different dietry choices what remains now is to try and keep it constant and get down to the 77kgs which is my target. I do try different recipes but what I think has been hard but good is the fact I have reduced the portion sizes and cut out biscuits and crisps, increased the fruit and yogurt and moderate amounts of Muesli

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All good things to be happy and proud about arty65, well done.


Hi arty65 well done on your 2kg loss :) that is a grand amount in 1 week - as you last weighed last Saturday at 82kgs :)

Do you not want to join the Super Saturday weigh in? you will find it in the events section


That's super Arty65 no wonder you are happy.


Good for you! Keep going!

Well done Arty65

Enjoy your weekend.



Still the same 80kgs. hanging inthere

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