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So angry with myself

I am sat here watching The Biggest Loser, looking at the posts on this site while stuffing my face with chocolate peanuts!! What is that all about? I am so angry with myself. I feel desperately sad. I have failed over and over again with losing weight and I am at my wits end! Feel so useless!

Sorry to moan but I needed to get it off my ever expanding chest.

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I'm having a pretty bad week too, and I was being so good. We just have to realise that we will have bad days / weeks once in a while and as long as we notice that we are unhappy with what is happening and want to change it then we can! Take those feelings of anger and disappointment and use it as your motivation to not end up in this position again. Even if in a few days/weeks time you're feeling like this, you have not failed. We all have little set backs (mine has been monumental this week) but it's how you come out of it that matters!


Thanks for the reply Natalie jade, my problem is my set back goes on forever and I just keep gaining weight. I have a lot of weight to lose and it just seems impossible. I will have another fresh start tomorrow so fingers crossed.


Hey I hear you and completely understand.

In my life I have bounded from 120 kg (18st ) down to 80 kg (12st) up to 100 kg down to 90 up to 120 again.....until I finally got to here - 139 KG .

Someone shoot me now!

Yerp its shitty and depressing and my heart goes out to you. I was literally sitting here yesterday, tears rolling down my face feeling defeated and useless like I couldn't go on wondering WTF I was going to do to get myself out of this depression and feeling like I weighed 5 ton.

And I decided to try and commit to doing just a week of NHS plan. I didn't want to, I was completely unmotivated but I looked at it.

And this morning I woke up and forced a smile onto my face and kept forcing a smile onto my face until I felt a little better and here I am tonight feeling OK having had some nice comments from people here and with a new gadget in my hands (a Fitbit) to measure my progress.

Download the MYFITNESSPAL app - its amazing (and free!). It will track everything but what I LOVE is that I can type in a recipe I am cooking, click on it from the web and the app brings in all the ingredients and works out the calories without me doing anything.

And you can barcode scan breakfast cereals etc and it automatically works out the servings etc. Super cool :)

Probably gets me off because I am a bit of a gadgety nerd but its definitely worth downloading and it makes feel like you are doing SOMETHING positive for yourself.

Like I said I TOTALLY get where you're at but only you can make a tiny little change that could trigger many more. Why not force your running shoes on and just walk out the door. Right now. Even if you do 15 minutes you will feel SO much better.

A weird little thing I sometimes do when I am feeling defeated and depressed is...to bark like a dog. Yes I know it sounds RIDICULOUS but it gets me out of my head, releases some anger and eventually makes me laugh from how crazy I sound.

Try it.

I dare you!




Thanks D your reply made me smile. I have a Fitbit I have the app's so guessing just need to make use of them now. I didn't know about the scanning thing that sounds good to me. I have had years of WW and SW and although I know they work if you do them properly I am sick of throwing good money away.

Keep going and keep barking. Might even give it a go myself lol

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Hi Dave,

Glad to see you have made a commitment even for one week. Yes wgt loss and wgt gain is hard but at the end of the day you have to believe in yourself to get to where you want to be.

I have just finished my first 12 weeks and happy to say 7Ib down, I know it's not huge but the journey was a bit hit and miss to say the least!!

Not sure about barking like a dog lol I've got a dog and he might freak !! Lol but it did make me smile, I think anything that lifts your thoughts /mood is worth it but do agree that putting on shoes and just walking clears my head.

Hope you enjoy your week and your apps 😃




Stop feeling angry, put it behind you, we all have times when emotions take over and we make awful choices but it does not always need be.

Have a look at the 12 week plan and maybe just commit self to a week of making healthier choices rather than thinking 'diet', it has been my way of thinking as my goal is not just loose wgt but importantly be fitter and healthier.

Take the scenic route not targets just focus on a more healthier lifestyle.

Hope feeling better in self

Have a good week.



Thanks Flossie I am going o go and have a look at the 12 week plan again.

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The biggest point you have made hun, is that you still keep trying. You may not be succeeding much, but you aren't giving up either. It shows that you really want a better and healthier lifestyle. Don't beat yourself up, what is done is done and can't be changed, but keep berating yourself will only bring you down. Think positively, take it 1 hour at a time if that will work for you, and pat yourself on the back when you achieve every small step. If you tell yourself constantly that your not good enough, you will always struggle to make it through. You will get there hun, have faith in yourself. There is a way that will work for you. 😊😊😊😊😊😊


I watch The Biggest Loser too! Instead of eating chocolate peanuts perhaps you could try the Whitworth snack packets - they contain fruit and some kind of chocolate/biscuits and count towards your 5 a day. xx


Thomas Edison had 999 attempts before he found the light bulb that worked.

Maybe a sensible amount of coconut would hit the spot next time, without the lectins of the peanuts, or the added fructose and glucose from the added sugar?

A satisfying, balanced breakfast leaves us less likely to want to snack between meals.


Hi Dellah, I'm sure most of us have been exactly there - with a different vice perhaps.. Biggest loser usually comes on when I've given in to the Chinese takeaway urge ;) keep at it and keep posting.

Have a look at Lowcal's Monday morning thread "please join me for a Monday weigh in" great bunch of supportive people all weighing in and offloading angst about their dieting week!

Good luck :)

Kate x


I think that watching programmes about food makes you hungry so if you have food nearby then it can be difficult to hold back. Suggest 'Homes under the Hammer' - no food there.... Good luck.

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