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Day three so far so good!

Well I woke up feeling fantastic -energised from the last two days of reduced calorie intake and pleased with myself 😊 I love reading other peoples posts and seeing the replies, this definitely feels supportive. I will need that when the honeymoon period comes to an end! One thing i've been thinking about is exercise which I dfo enjoy. I do regular exercise walking my dog for at least an hour every day in fairly rough terrain and some yoga stretches every morning but I have had chronic fatigue for eight years and this affects how much more I could do. My energy levels are quite good at the moment but as soon as I attempt to increase activity towards aerobic exercise it triggers relapses. I think that building up slowly is the best way and that is what i am trying to do but I am interested in hearing if anyone else has had experience of this and how you deal with it. I've got 19.4kgs to lose to get into the middle of the healthy weight range and I know that exercise is going to be a key part of motivating me to achieve this.

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I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!! Last year I was in a wheelchair unable to do any exercise, and now I go to the gym and walk my dogs regularly. My energy levels are also good atm so I'm going to try the Couch to 5k thing. I'm nervous to start it but here goes! I began just by increasing activity slowly, and I noticed that I could cope like this. Good luck!


Glad you are feeling so positive - a big part of this is your mindset as well as your body having less digestion to be bogged down with.

There are lots of things to try when trying to find out the cause of your fatigue. You can get checked for things like thyroid or anaemia. Many people dont get enough iron, and apps like Fitness Pal give you an idea of how much nutrition your diet is lacking. For some, intolerances like wheat, gluten or lactose can cause fatigue. People who become vegetarian or vegan often notice increases in energy. Some people dont get enough quality sleep - things that wake you in the night can really affect your sleep rhythm. Even a nanna-nap might do the trick.

Don't worry about how much weight you've got to lose - you've a lot more to gain than just a lighter body. Every new healthy habit you adopt will bring long term benefits. One day at a time.

So glad you are enjoying the support of the forum and comments - you deserve a big pat on the back. Well done.


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