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Starting out

Today is my first day on the nhs12week prog. I am hoping that this forum will be helpful as I need motivation and encouragement. I've been looking at the first week info and tips etc, they are things I know but just don't put into practice! I think I could write a book on nutrition but that doesn't stop me reaching for sugary snacks. Bit shocked to find out my bmi is 29 tho so time to get serious.

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Hi sv.

Welcome to the site. Everyone is very supportive here as you will see. You're right, all the diet tips are what we already know but, and here's the thing, this forum will prove to be your encouragement, your motivator, your friend. We're all after the same goal - life changing eating habits.

Good luck. When you feel like eating a sugary snack or eating more than you're allowing yourself each day, try logging on and having a read through the forum. I'm sure you'll find motivation.

Primrose 😊

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The 12 week plan is great. Just think in 12 week your bmi could be 25 or under so that should be motivation right there. Believe you can and you will succeed on your journey and I wish you the very best of luck :-)


Hi Sv123,

I've just joined this forum myself and it's really such a helpful and supportive site. Good for you deciding to start the 12 week plan. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about knowing plenty about nutrition but still finding it tough to resist sugary snacks. I'm finding this website great for keeping motivation levels up though, and like Primrose says, it might come in handy at those moments of temptation!

I wish you the best of luck.


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