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3 days in...Honeymoon period?!


I started my first week of using the NHS 12 week plan and I am now three days in...and I am feeling so much better already! I have eaten loads of veggie (I'm not so much a fruit person), lowered the carbs and eating more protein. I feel like I have more energy..and I even went to the gym tonight! Finally putting my membership to use (turns out just having a gym membership doesn't make you lose weight, funny that!) and it was a slog but it will get easier!

I'm hoping I see a loss on Monday but I have two weddings this weekend (both evening do's) and a wedding breakfast...any tips on how I can enjoy myself but not go too over board? I'm sure the alcohol will flow...I was thinking about having a healthy snack beforehand so I don't need to eat too much at the buffet, sticking to gin and slimline tonic and then having poached eggs on wholemeal toast with perhaps a side of mushrooms and tomatoes for the wedding breakfast although not sure how ordering will work!

I'm really hoping that this feeling continues and I'm not on a weight loss honeymoon...

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Hi NoMoreJunk, glad to hear it's starting so well! I've also got a wedding to go to early next week. I'm a bit worried that once the prosecco starts flowing it will be a runaway train, but 9 weeks into the NHS plan I feel like I'm armed with some strategies now. I'm planning to alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as much as I can, or at least try to spend at least some of the time with a glass of water in my hand. Have you tried tonic water without the gin? It tastes practically the same, especially if you put a slice of lime in it. But then there's another school of thought that says weddings don't happen every day - just enjoy yourself and make up for it afterwards somehow...


Thanks for the advice Ruth! I'm torn between curbing it for both weddings or enjoying myself! I just don't want to get disappointed gaining on my first weigh in. Maybe I'll do a mini weigh in tomorrow and then skip this coming Monday's weigh in and join the following Monday.

The Peak District is lovely and the walks around there are fantastic! The first wedding tomorrow is local but then the one on Saturday is in Warwickshire so will try and persuade my other half to go for a walk around there - never been before so will need to research where is pretty to go!

Enjoy your holiday!



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