so Today 21/07/15, ive had a bad day (but managed) Sausage roll 419cal, double fried chicken burger, chips & chicken gravy, energy drink around 240cal and half bottle of Iron brew, and an apple, but still exercised later in the evening, not hiding the fact i've had a slip up, could have been allot worse though.

tomorrow is a new day going to carry on healthy put the slip up behind and get on with it!!!!!!!!


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10 Replies

  • I see it as learning to do a kind of damage limitation. When it's actually happening, you have to stop and move forward as quickly as possible. And try to see what led to those food choices happening and see how to prevent them happening in future! Good luck for a better day today :)

  • It's a new day..... A new dawn !!! Rock on babes

  • That's the attitude. Tomorrow is always the opportunity to start again, so long as you have the desire to....and you sound like you do so good for you!! X

  • Don't worry about the odd slip. I've just had 5 days away. Had a full English with cereal to start each morning. Big meals out every day including fish and chips and lots of,other carbs including the odd cake and biscuits. Not eaten this amount of food in over a year and it was fantastic till I got back on the scales Monday and found I weighed 11 lbs more than I did. Went straight back to healthy eating with very small portions and within two days have lost 9 lbs of the weight gain. This doesn't seem real but I had it explained to me that your body cannot convert all the food to fat immediately and stores water instead. That water has now gone and I'm only 2 lbs more than last week. For 5 days of a pig out I can live with that although still feeling guilty.

    I have done this on a smaller scale a few times over the last year and always lost any gained weight quickly. I also think that the odd bit of over indulgence helps to kick start your metabolism as I seem to lose even more weight for a while after a blow out. Don't know any of the science behind this but seems to work for me.

    I think the main thing is don't threat any blow out as an excuse to slide back into old ways but immediately put it behind you and get straight back onto healthy eating. As long as these occur mainly for special occasions or holidays then there isn't a problem for me.

  • Yes in my post I had gained 3 kgs in 3 days back on track yesterday before I go on holidays and lost a kilo again just in 1 day. Biglegs explanation seems to make a lot of sense. Going away for 17 days and oh my God I feel guilty before I even start.....

  • Only came back from a two week all inclusive about 4 weeks ago and that time only gained half a stone but that went in 5 days. I did excercise in the hotel gym though and watched the carbs but drank a lot more than normal. Tried to stick to spirits with diet mixers

  • That is the best way! Don't let it influence the rest of your day/week as I so often do.... "oh well I've already gone off plan so one more naughty meal isn't going to make much difference..!!" etc. Good on you :-)

  • We all have bad days...don't sweat it lol xxx

  • We all have slip up days....don't sweat it lol xxx

  • Good Luck on your new day and we do slip, I was getting hungry when I read your post and I had to say NO no no,ha ha

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