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My Before Photo

My Before Photo

So on the last night before my food week truly begins, I think now I feel confident enough to share this with you guys.

So this is my body at about 18st 7lbs... Not the full 19st 1lb, I'd have never had the courage to take it at that point.

This is body ground zero for me and it's important I share it for 2 reasons:

1. To make me accountable. I did this to my body, this was my fault and no one else's. I can't hide from that anymore I guess

2. To remember this feeling right now and never, ever ever go back. This blog as you know is a kind of record for me throughout this journey and I write it more for myself than anyone, and this is an important part of that journey, probably the most important. It's the beginning :)

Right, enough fannying about and having slip ups, time to get serious now and smash it. If this picture isn't motivation to run as fast and far away from that person as possible, there's no hope!

Here's to the future huh?

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Congratulations! I'm starting out too. Good luck.


Here's to the future slimline you!


This is really inspirational. I'm starting tomorrow too - will take a picture first thing in the morning!

Don't have th confidence to post on here though!

Good luck! X


I'll tell you what I tell everyone: it has nothing to do with confidence, it has everything to do with owning your wobbly bits and admitting that actually, this is what I did to myself. You know when you were a kid and you broke something and you'd feel guilty for ages until you told someone? It's like that. I've been carrying around the shame and guilt of that body my entire adult life and you know what? I'm finally letting it go :) I'm on a weight loss forum, it's not like no one here knows I'm fat, what's the difference between posting this picture and posting the number on my scales? For me, there isn't one. I'm 9 stone overweight and this is what that looks like, it's not like you all thought I had the perfect bod, just MASSIVE feet that collectively weighed 9 stone lol. I figure I have nothing to hide anymore, this is a body I won't have for much longer :)


Well done to you, never thought of doing such a thing I could not post it, if I did !

Your very brave, keep up the good work and I will be motivated by your success.


Well done, Hanpan, really mean that! A brave girl to go public with your before photo. Im sure you'll make good progress, but dont worry if some weeks show no loss. It took me nearly a year to get to my target weight and slow and steady is definitely the best way longterm. Good luck to you.


Lots of applause from me for your bravery too! You're right, we're fairly anonymous on here, but we do all have the desire to lose weight in common and it does make sense to honestly admit what got us in this position in the first place. I like your analogy of the child who knows they've done something wrong but haven't owned up to it yet.

I think the photo does show that you've nevertheless got a lovely body. You have very smooth skin, and your thighs look muscly in a good way - I bet you have slim legs for your build. Lots of people have scars for example that they keep hidden - your young skin seems very fresh and clear. I hope that as you lose more weight the positive aspects of how you look, that aren't to do with your weight, become increasingly visible to you (and flaunted!). Because I'm sure lots of other people can see them already (e.g. your extremely supportive OH). Thanks for being so frank and honest, and hope this record of your journey is a real treasure for the future, as well as helping you in the process of making it.


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