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first week counting points

This week is the first week counting points on my new Weight Watchers venture!

And I am loving it.

I can eat what ever types of food I want but its teaching me portions and teaching me which foods I can use to fill up on so that I can avoid binges.

The group I go to on Thursday mornings are absolutely incredible - my new bestie is a 84 y/o. Another person in my group is coming up to a weight loss of 100lbs!! A group of such inspirational people!

I would seriously recommend anyone going to WW. It might be expensive, but I honestly think it is worth every penny (anyone would think I was being paid for endorsments :P)

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I 100% agree.

For me I definitely needed to learn portion control. I've been doing ww for a year now and can honestly say there is no food I have went without.


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