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Self Distruct

Yep, someone pressed the big red button in my brain and I've been on a self Distruct mission since Friday. Junk food led to the mother of all bad tummies so I was off work today, totally self inflicted.

I've examined and re-examined why I do this, but as of yet I've never found a valid reason... I just DO.

I need to get back into the swing of things before the damage gets out of control, any ideas anyone?

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Hey :) it's really easy to get back into bad habits, trust me I know! What I try to do is think "do I REALLY need that?" and quite often my brain will be yelling NO at me and if I here it I walk away, maybe buy something healthier instead. Have you tried doing this or does it just not work for you?


Can you get a bag and throw out all of your unhealthy stuff or lock it away for a few days? How about getting a pen and paper and write out all your planned food for tomorrow, including snacks, and the times you're going to eat and then tick them off during the day?


Hello there - First of all, I LOVE your posts. You have to keep on with the program because we can't lose you from this forum! You are just so funny.

Have you tried focussing on positive goals? I do a bit better if I set aims like: "eat 10 portions fruit and veg", "have protein at every eating", "eat omega 3 foods every day", exercise goals. Tooth brushing, eating fennel bulbs and drinking herbal teas also help. It is much easier to do a positive thing than to avoid a negative thing. It only takes a moment of self-control to do a positive thing but constant vigilance to avoid the negative.

Good luck!


And she's cracked it :) thanks, this helped :)

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Totally agree about focussing on what you need to do rather than what you shouldn't do. I have a 'water log' app on my phone and I go through phases of trying to stick to that (although not doing it at the moment - no need in this heat, def drinking enough at the moment!) But basically it keeps reminding me I've got e.g. 5 out of my 8 glasses a day still to drink, so I end up thinking I need to have more water all the time instead of thinking about other cravings etc. It also gives me a nice little graph showing my progress, so there's no escaping those days where you don't have the full 8 :)


OMG did I post on here under a pseudonym????? I am beating myself up about chucking all my old bras out. I've put some of my 2 stone loss back on (thanks to that big red button!) and I'm sh*t uncomfortable in the bra dept. Just ordered some bigger ones!! LOL! Am I back in control from today???? Nope.

But I will be. Just not today.


Sometimes it help to know the reason behind a behaviour, sometimes there is no way of knowing. Junk food is designed to be addictive, just the right combination of salt, sugar, fat to get us hooked and coming back for more.

You said that "someone pressed a big red button" in your brain, so does that mean there was some kind of trigger? If you are aware of the trigger, you can decide not to respond to it next time. In my experience, this can take some practise but gets easier the more you do it.

As others have said, look for positive ways to change you behaviour, whatever the reasons behind it may be. Take baby steps and don't beat yourself up if it goes wrong.

Good luck.


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