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I downloaded my fitness pal and am trying to start over. I think my poor diet and lack of exercise are contributing to yet another chest/throat infection. I am very run down at the minute, any suggestions to boost my immune system? I have set myself a goal of 1lb a week to try and bring my weight under control, I have to confess to feeling a bit downhearted about the whole thing and am trying not to doubt myself, four stone seems like an awful lot.

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I had 3 bugs this winter, and I often get run down, especially when stressed. I was advised to lose weight in relation to digestive problems/cramps etc., which at first I thought was a separate issue, but then I began wondering if they were related. I read somewhere that your digestive system is the first port of your immune system. So I'm wondering if improving my diet will eventually stop me being so susceptible to bugs too. Good luck for fighting your current infection, I think you have to wait these things out, but maybe you'll be in a better position to fend off any future bugs? Maybe a diet that improves digestion also helps the immune system?

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