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Change for life...drinks

I began my tea drinking change a year or so ago, and it is working for me.

I have my first cup in the morning with skimmed milk. For the rest of the day I drink hot water, kidding myself it was tea. Try it, it worked for me. Especially as one of those husbands who constantly says put the kettle on darling!

I stopped drinking coffee about ten years ago. Which is good but about a year ago Phil

Discovered proper coffee . Fortunately he buys the beans, grinds it by hand and then makes a latte for us both. This is real treat and not one I want to change.

BUT it has got me thinking about fruit juice. We buy the big boxes and also the individual ones. The latter are good as they can limit the amount you drink.

What I could do is check which juices have less calories and maybe think about always adding water to the juice. Making this a change for life.

I did wonder about alternatives and tried coconut juice last week as I think I have an intolerance to cows milk. Didn't check the calories though.

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I would not be able to give up my tea and as it's full of antioxidants then it's very healthy. You only need a tiny drop of milk, so very few calories, and very nice with lemon too.

Drinking latte not so good!


I think I was addicted to tea! Moving from 5 teas a day to one has saved me at least 100 calories a day, as I like a lot of milk (skimmed). How about...ditching the juice completely because the acid destroys your tooth enamel and you're using up your calorie allowance on liquid. If you eat an orange or apple it fills you up and keeps your digestion regular too.


I love my tea, but I like earl grey, chilli chai and fruit teas, so no milk to add to the calories. I used to love fruit juices but because of kidney problems I can no longer drink it and truthfully I haven't missed it, Fruit juice is just wasted calories and remember only the first glass counts towards your five a day!


Fruit juice not good


I drink lots of tea, seldom have coffee. I have my tea black so I think it is OK to have whenever I want. Have you replaced it with water because you drink it with milk? Incidentally, in summer I like my tea with a sprig of mint or sometimes I put a slice of lemon in it


Black tea, I'm not sure about that one. Drinking hot water satisfies my thirst and yes it cuts out the milk so healthier. Fruit herbs and lemon tea s are good I think.



I've been drinking liquorice tea, which is naturally sweet, and also a chai blend which has citrus in, that is also naturally sweet and doesn't need milk added. I've also rediscovered tomato juice. It's a good alternative to alcoholic drinks as you can add celery, lemon and ice, and it looks like you're joining in, but it's way more healthy than alcoholic alternatives and also slightly filling because of being a bit savoury. If you add tabasco and worcester sauce the spicyness makes you drink it slower too.


I have never had liquorice tea, I wouldn't mind trying it though.




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