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I want to scream

Had my M.O.T today, as far as my blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes check go I'm perfectly healthy, even managed to lose 1/4 of an inch from my height, lol. but its the weight thing??? For a month now I have been regularly doing a 89 minute workout in the gym once a week, 45 minute aquacise and a very physically challenging job 40 hours per week which entails a lot of fast walking covering approx 8-10 miles per day and heavy lifting... with all this in mind plus eating healthy, my weight according to my scales is 15st 7lbs which is the same weight I started with... at my M.O.T I weight 16st 7 lbs. with a BMI 35... I want to scream!!!!!! WHY??? Its very dis-heartening.

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That sounds very depressing. But your scales sound dodgy so you've probably lost weight and your scales are just all over the place. Why don't you keep going and weigh at the Drs once a month. Also even if you are eating healthily you still need to cut your calories to lose weight. Exercise doesn't make much difference when trying to lose weight I've found...


Have a look at this link from the BBC. The key to weight loss is proper diet management and not exercise. But exercise does loads of other good things for you so don't stop!



Well done on all the exercising, it's obviously paying dividends for your health.

When it comes to losing weight, what you eat is just as important as how many calories you eat. Make sure you are avoiding sugary foods and drink as much as possible, along with 'white' carbs.

I have to keep my carbs fairly low to lose any weight.


Throw away your scales and don't ever replace them!

I used to step on the scales every day when I was younger. I stopped obsessing about weight about three years ago. An easier and long term measure is dress size and an even longer term measure is how you look in your selfie.

We may say well how do I know if I am losing weight in the short term?

I guess the answer is not to worry about that part of having excess fat, if we don't measure it , we don't need to scream about it.

This is just an idea and my way of dealing with the stress of losing weight, by trying to find a way to destress.


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