A Good Start :)

Well I found I couldn't follow the NHS plan and I couldn't lose weight on my own, so I joined Slimming World 3 weeks ago. I'd started going back to the gym a couple of weeks before that so I was building up to one hour, three times a week, then bit the bullet and joined SW. What a shock getting on the scales to find I was nearly 16 stones (15st 12lbs)!! I knew I'd put on weight but not that I weighed more than your average prop forward!

So, eating lots of fruit, as much veg as I can - given that I'm fussy and don't like a lot of it - and everything low fat or no fat. The first week I'd lost 4lbs, which was a brilliant start and kept me motivated and sticking to the plan like glue the following week. But when I stepped on the scales, I'd put on 1lb! I burst into tears! However, my brother (a personal trainer) explained that it was probably water retention as my muscles would be retaining water to try and repair themselves as I'd just started getting fit and he expected I would lose it the following week. And oh boy did I! I stuck to the plan exactly the same and trained the same, and when I stepped on the scales I'd lost a whopping 7lbs! That's 10lbs in 3 weeks!

I am really pleased and motivated to carry on. This time, I will do it! :D


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8 Replies

  • Black with envy. Well done! :D

  • WOW! That's a great first three weeks! :-)

  • Fantastic! Well done you :)

  • What is slimming world like, it is worth the money? At least this is free advice and a free forum.

  • I think it is good. There's loads of free food (all veg, meat, fruit, fish and some carbs like rice and pasta are completely free so you can eat as much as you like) then you get two 'healthy extras' - one dairy so milk or cheese and one fibre based, so cereal, bread, etc. and you get 15 'syns' a day to use on whatever you want. The groups are good because they don't tell you what your target should be - you choose it for yourself and you can change it later on if you decide to lose more or get to a point where you are happy and so don't really want to go lower. Once at target you are a free 'lifetime member' so you can carry on at group without paying for weighing in, etc. You share in each others highs and lows, support each other in group but for me it is definitely about the just going and knowing you are going to get on those scales the following week. Keeps me focussed! There is also a website with some gorgeous meals and recipes on it. So yes, it's nearly £5 a week, but I was getting no where trying to do it myself at home. I don't find I can replace the real world for a virtual one for everything. Also I did not like the NHS plan - seemed to be far too restrictive and I hated 95% of the suggested meal choices - too much salad and stuff that I don't like.

  • Too much high-insulin promoting food such as rice is not good for chronic health.

    Low-fat dieting results in fat-soluble vitamins deficiency, hunger, and depression.

  • Personally I only have rice once a week (at most) and Pasta once or twice (at most) - more than that I would be bored silly! But if you are having a meal such as a homemade curry with lots of tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, etc. in it as well as chicken, then rice is a healthier option than a nan bread - particularly if you choose brown rice.

    There is fat in the diet - that is what the healthy extra using dairy is all about. Also, the most depressed and hungry I have ever felt is trying to follow the NHS diet and eating food I hated. Surely whatever works to lower your weight at a healthy pace whilst eating 'normal' foods is better than staying seriously overweight? If I went back to the NHS plan I would just give up again because it's horrible (to me).

    It's working for me and I am doing well on it so I am going to stick with it. I also get lots of encouragement at that group.

  • Well done JaneR66, I agree with you that eating healthy foods, that you enjoy, is the way to lose weight over a long period and if you find encouragement with SW go for it.

    I find for me that calorie counting is not the best way, I have found a similar way to what SW has recommended for you is the best for me.

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