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Feeling down

Feeling down, back to feeling bloated and disgusting with very little energy. It wasn't one day that I was off the wagon it was Saturday drinking with friends, Sunday eating to soothe hangover, Monday just plain bad habit and today eating wrong things as I wanted energy. Was doing well and actually feeling better for making healthier choices. Very fed up today😟

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Hi Noahsmum, you haven't said how today has gone.

If it is still early days for you it could take some time to keep on track every day. Try to be a little kinder to yourself and take something from your wobble.

Trying to cut down is far from easy, it has taken me about 3 months to get to a point where I am not thinking constantly about food. Having said that I can feel the weekend is not gonna be great, I feel like I need a small break. I usually have one evening off but think I might need a whole day off. Feeling a bit dejected because I walked miles over the weekend on some really hard terrain and have put on a couple of lb. If the scales are in my favour hopefully I will feel a bit better by the weekend.

Remember sometimes you just need a break - we are not machines.

If you have put a few lbs on over the weekend they will probably come off quite easily (I am hoping mine will too).

Dust yourself off and try to get back to the plan tomorrow and forgive yourself the odd wobble, we have all been there.


These things happen. Smile and make better choices with your next meal. We all have our ups and downs.

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Are you copying my posts ? Lol...... That was me last week and I continued to eliminate all my hard word...I've eaten everything in sight and feel like shit now !!

So this is what I'm doing.... Tiny baby steps,one day,hour,minute at a time, getting to the gym for 1/2 hour and hitting the cardio( moderate speed) and telling myself every time I want to eat( crap) NO NO NO.......& try to remember the feelings I have when I can fit into my trousers and my belly isnt hanging over the belt( not a good look) !!!

So talk to yourself and write things on your hand ( Reminders) like a special date. Or the goal weigh or the Lbs you want to shift that week.... Just my ideas to help me, but I slip and carry on...... This site is my saviour xx😇


Noahsmum. I searched "effects of sugar" but when I look at iced cakes etc. I still have to say to myself POISON so I can leave them alone.

All the same, when confronted at a birthday party on Monday, with a table that did not have a single healthy eating choice on it, I gave in and eat enough to put on 2 lbs on top of the 2 I had put on the previous day under similar conditions.

Wednesday now and I have shed 3½lbs of that already.

May I suggest you include alcohol on your personal POISON list for a few weeks or until you can have just one SMALL drink without feeling the need for another.


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Thankyou hairy man and everyone for your kind comments. I'm actually not much of a drinker but have had a very stressful time recently and went completely overboard.

I've got health problems which stop me from losing the weight as quickly as I could because exercise tends to cripple me however I did say to my husband tonight the four days I managed last week having my five a day and 3 meals made me feel so healthy so I've really noticed the difference since I slipped into old habits, I feel so sluggish exhausted and unhealthy, tomorrow is a brand new day!

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Great. It is not neccessary to win every battle in order to win the war on ill health. Old habits die hard, but feeling so good after each victory is worth it for all of us.


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