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After losing control on Sunday and having over 3,000 calories, I've managed to dodge a weight gain and in fact have lost 2lbs! That's a stone now and just another stone to go to my goal. I don't expect to lose any weight for my next weigh in as things do settle but I shall be good and hope. It's no use being unrealistic as disappointment creeps in then. I feel fatter today which is strange but I think if I felt slim I would be over confident and maybe get a bit slack. Wishing you all a great bank holiday and be mindful of what you are munching. :)


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11 Replies

  • Hey well done on the loss, we all have bad days, you've just shown that as long as you get back on track you can still reach your goals. I still have days when i feel "fat" but use it to motivate me to keep going. Hope you have a good week

  • Woohoo! Well done on losing your first stone - great result! Keep up the good work :-)

  • very well done eeek1110 on your 2 lb loss this week. I sometimes feel fat although I have loses on the scale, but think you are right it could lead to being over confident. You have done amazing this week so keep up the good work and hope you have a great bank holiday weekend too x

  • Excellent! Well done on losing 2lbs, you must have been so pleased as your were not expecting that...fab.

  • Thank you all for your replies. I still can't believe I've lost a stone as I've never lost that much before. My record was 2 whole days on a diet before I found the forum. Keep going everyone! :)

  • I need to get back onto the forum. I've been reading lots of comments this morning as I blew it AGAIN last night. I know there are things going on at moment within family that are getting me upset but I really should try to stay in control. Will get back into evening forum reading as evening is my downfall time. Well done eek1110.

  • The main thing is to keep coming back Jenica. We are all doing this forever and are bound to have slip ups now and again. I'm going to do lots of gardening today and I never think about food then. Just afterwards but I am not going to reward myself this time!

  • Well done eeek. It just goes to show that having one bad day doesn't ruin all your good work. Good for you for staying on track and fingers crossed for your next weigh-in:)

  • Thank you sueper. I knew it would happen as I've eaten over my allowance today as I thought as long as I don't put weight on next week I'll be happy. Tomorrow will be a better day as I know it's just silly. x

  • Well done! Keep up the good work! We all have bad days but as long as you get bad on track and not lose hope, you will be alright!

  • Well done, Eeek. Hang on to that loss; if I were you I'd probably do a day of about 1100 calories just to compensate for the 3000. Bank holiday is going to be tough for me as we're having a BBQ and I just know that if I succumb to great big baps full of meat I'm going to put on pounds, so I'm going to try just eating the meat with lovely veg kebabs.

    And I'm hankering after a great big juicy burger ... but it's not worth it! Happy holiday :)

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