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So close but feels a bit far!


Hello everyone, just completed week 10, and so far I've lost 8.2 kg, aiming to lose 9.5-10.7 kg in total, so 1.3-2.5 kg to go! I'm so happy, and really glad I came across the NHS 12 week diet plan and this forum. I haven't lost weight during this last week 10 (in fact gained 100 gms!) but I put that down to slacking off quite a bit with calories counting and having a few 'I'm still hungry' days this last week (and scoffing some calorific foods), due to female hormones I think (:@. So please wish me luck for the last 2 weeks, I need a little! Good luck to all of you!

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Good luck! You've done really well! Keep focused and watch out for those pesky calories that try to slip passed your guard!

Well done, I think that means you have gone into the 50s?? I am at 62.7 now and have been hovering around there for the last two weeks but did have a weekend in Italy so am hoping for a push this week to break out of this rut! Good luck with the last couple of kilos

Deb17totoGo in reply to alex7ra

Hi Alex, yes currently 59.8 kg, and have been for about 10 days (up and down)! I'm going to be super strict last 2 weeks so hopefully won't have to diet another couple of weeks on top. Uffff, I know about ruts, I've had at least 2 (do you remember I stayed at 62 something for nearly 3 weeks!?) For me I'm sure it's related to female cycle and pesky water retention as well as 'slipping'...You're doing great too, hope we both meet our ultimate goals! xxx

alex7ra in reply to Deb17totoGo

I dropped to 62.3 this morning so am hoping that the 62.7 was just water retention from my weekend away. I was 62.5 three weeks ago so obviously May is not my month! Hope to drop below 62 by the end of the month.

Good luck for the next two weeks!

Good luck. Yes you can do it. You are so close to your goal. Think of the rewards. It is only a few more weeks. You will be so happy you did it.

Hey well done on your loss so far thats great. I tend to be lax with calories time of month through hormonal changes too but you will get back on track. Keep up the good work and you can reach your goals. Have a good week

Thank you ever so much everyone for taking the time to reply and encourage me, it means a lot! Good luck to you too!

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