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I'm Sue and my goal is to lose 12.5kg in the next 6 months. I'm halfway through week 1 and intend to start the C25K and the Stretch & Flex programs. I've slowly gained weight over the last 12 years going from size 12 to 16. I've lost some weight over the past 2 years and I'm now size 14, but seem to have hit a point where the weight won't move anymore. Finding this program on the NHS is brilliant it gives you so many different ideas. I feel motivated again to keep going to reach my final target weight! I wish everyone on here good luck on their personal journey with their weight management xxx


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  • Good Luck! You're story sounds very similar to mine, keep determined and keep focused!

  • Thanks Sd33, so far so good. I lost 4lb this week, so little by little and I'll get there. Good luck to you too :-)

  • I'm on my third week of the Nhs 12 week plan, and so far I've found it to be the best weight loss regime I've tried.Good luck to you.

  • I like how it introduces what it wants to improve on each week, it trains you how to improve your lifestyle rather than a list of do's and dont's. It's the best one I've found too.

  • Sounds so doable, Sue. That "final target weight! sounds a bit alarming! Remember this needs to be change of lifestyle for the rest of your days if it is worth doing at all.

  • Thanks for the advice Hairyman :-) I don't want to lose all the weight too fast, because I know it will come back plus more besides. If it takes longer then 6 months, then that's fine, I just want to be a healthy weight for my height. I eat healthy, but I was eating too much and I don't exercise enough, as I have a sit down office job, so I've slowly put weight on over the years, so now I'm learning how to adjust my food intake and increase my exercise for a change of lifestyle that's realistic for me to stick to in years to come.

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