18 pounds to lose

Hi everyone. I have not been following any particular diet, but I have been eating healthily and exercising. So far, I have lost 5 stone 9 pounds but I want to lose another 18 pounds to get down to 9 stone 2, which i believe is a healthy weight for a 5"4 female?

Any advice or diet/ weigh in buddys would be great! :) My next weigh in date is Sunday!


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17 Replies

  • You've done a pretty good job so far, what do you think you should do?

  • Hi Tracey, congratulation you have done brilliantly to lose so much weight, well done for take your life in hand. I am not sure there is not much advice anyone can give you that you are not already aware of. A couple of thoughts I had, firstly on the NHS web site BMI checker it shows that you are just on the edge of the healthy range with a BMI of 25.7, therefore it is understandable that you will be finding it much harder to lose weight. Once you get into the healthy range you may need to reassess your target weight.

    Secondly it might be useful to do a week of calorie checking, using my fitness pal, eat as you normally do and you can check whether you are eat to many or not enough calories and you can also see the nutritional value of what you are eating.

    Once again done.

    Ros xx

  • On Sunday I restarted the attempt to lose weight after a break, I have been using Myfitness pal and have been eating between 1000 - 1200 calories and usually walk for approx 1 hour a day, sometimes longer. I have lost around 5 pounds so far in 6 days, but this is just because I hadn't eaten healthily for a few days previous - but I am aware that slow weight loss means you are less likely to put weight back on.

    I've found that the number of calories that I'm consuming has been enough to make sure I have enough energy and I'm not feeling hungry! I also drink plenty of water. xx

  • Sounds like you have got it cracked already. Congratulations on a brilliant weight loss and good luck with the final push.

  • Thank you :)

  • Sounds like you're doing great with a realistic approach and goal:) Congrats, I think it's just a matter of time for you:)

  • Thank you! Weigh in day tomorrow :):) ...

  • Wow thats amazing, what are your biggest tips? I have 6 stone to lose.

  • I would suggest making mini goals to help you reach your long term goal. Also, keep a food diary and write down every single thing, even the oil that you use for cooking, as it all adds up! I would also say not to cut out treats altogether, because this leads to craving the foods you really want, and eventually may lead you to overeat and break from the diet! Good luck!!

  • What is your BMR? You shouldnt eat less than that. When I was within 8 lbs of my target, (BMI 22.5 ,) I tried eating less .... . Prior to that I'd managed to lose 2st steadily at 1-2 lbs a week. But the last few pounds would not shift on 1100cals I just plateaued. So I upped to 1300 and the weight started to drop again, half a pound at a time. After a few weeks I found I lost another 6lbs. So my advice is do not eat less than your BMR and preferably a bit higher.

  • Hi, well done on the weight loss! I'm not sure what my BMR is but Myfitnesspal has given me a 1250 calorie goal a day... but it's something I will find out! Thank you.

  • I use MFP too. Mostly its great but as you get closer to target you have to play around with the figures to find whats right for you.

    Ref BMR, there are several online calculators to check BMR, which is basal metabolic rate, ie the energy (calories) your body needs just to stay in bed all day. It varies according to your sex, height, current weight and age. I am 5ft5in but age 62 so my BMR is much lower than a younger woman, I now weigh 138 lbs and my BMR is low at 1299.

    Assuming you are younger than me, your BMR is likely to be much more generous if you're 5ft4 and 146lbs.

  • Tracey you have done a fantastic job so far and good on you as far as weight buddies there is always loads of support on this site I have 7stone to lose and have lost just over 2stone in 12weeks but I am very happy, very best to you in the future and for your weigh in will be watching for your update after weigh in all the best Welshwizard.

  • Hi Tracey

    wow your weight loss so far is fantastic! I'm also 5ft4 female with same weight loss goal as its slap bang in the middle of healthy weight range for our stats. I weigh myself every Sunday but post on Lowcal's thread on a Monday. It would be good to see you on the thread each Monday. You're a bit ahead of me as I'm currently 11st11 but plan to keep posting my weight weekly for maintenance when I do get there.

    Good luck on your weight loss journey😎

  • Thank you! I primarily want to get to 9 stone 2 because this will mean that I have lost a total of 7 stone! I've set a maximum deadline of the 29th August, which is a lot more time than is necessary, however, this date will be a year since my life changed and I started to lose the weight! I'm relatively new to the website but will keep a look out for Lowcal's thread :) ... Don't think I will lose as much weight this week (female issues, if you know what I mean) so have a bit of bloating and fluid retention, but I'm continuing through it and will hopefully see the number on the scales decrease on my next weigh in (Sunday). May I ask how much you have lost already, or have you only recently started to lose weight? ... Have you set a time goal for the amount of weight you wish to lose? ... Good luck to you to, hopefully will be hearing from you often! 😀

  • Hi Tracey

    This is my 13th week on the NHS plan. I started to try to lose weight after weighing myself mid-February this year. I was horrified to discover that I was 13st5lbs with a BMI of over 32. I have lost 23lb so far. I have given myself over a year to reach my target with an estimated loss of 1lb per week. I'm currently 7lbs ahead of my weekly target.

    I was interested seeing your post as you have kept on losing because I've been worrying that after a while I will stop. Another 5lbs to go and that's me lost 2 stone.

    I'll look out for any Sunday posts you put up and give you a shout.

    Best wishes


  • Hi! I previously went through two different times when I just maintained the weight. During this time I wasn't eating badly, but I treated myself to a few naughty foods. But then as soon as I started trying to lose weight again, I did.

    I was worried that I would stop losing weight eventually because at one point my weight loss was really slow, but you just have to keep motivated and keep going through it!

    You've got this far, and I bet you feel at least a little bit different in yourself! So keep doing what you're doing and you'll soon see more of a change!

    Keep it up, you're doing brilliant! :)

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