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I had my visit to neurosurgeon yesterday and he has put me on his list for surgery. He says how much weight I loose is up to me but the more I loose the better my outcomes will be. He said there is nothing stopping me walking 3-4 hours a day and reducing my food intake to a minimum. The more I loose the easier the surgery will be and the greater the chance of minimising the risks. I have lost 71b so far so let's see how low we can get. Not sure how long I have before surgery .


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4 Replies

  • Well done Motherhen, on your weight loss so far - is that 7 lbs or 71 lbs? What an incentive you have. I am sure you will be successful in losing more weight and therefore minimising surgery risks and improving your health - you seem really positive and upbeat. You need to take your doctors advice of course but maybe it's not a good idea to go too low with the food intake - you don't want to weaken yourself before surgery. Good luck with everything.

  • 7 lbs so far. Just need to work out the exercise plan going forward.

  • Hi

    I'm in a similar position.I need to lose weight before I can have a kidney transplant. It does focus the mind and give a real incentive doesn't?

    I'm sure we can both do it.

    Good luck with everything.

  • Good luck to you as well. We can do it. We are not doing it to look good but to actually live normal lives after surgery.

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