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Finally getting help

Well I have failed again but finally had the courage to up the doctors and ask for help she said that I'm close to depression through my weight and that I need to pick my spirits up because I'm goin to loose the weight now iv got an appointment with waist line later in the month and brought some workout dvds lets see if I can do it this time round and get my BMI down from 32.9

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Hi Kimmy

Well done on going to see the doctor.

Will you be doing the 12 week NHS plan? I suggest that you download the myfitnesspal app or something similar which helps you count your calories.

Doing the workout DVDs and getting more active is great and will really help your depression but the most important thing for losing weight is diet. Don't do what I did and eat something nice as a reward for doing a workout!

Wishing you lots of luck.

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Hi Kimmy, well done for going to get some help and making the decision to change, it's the first and hardest step! I agree with all the advice Alex has already given, I just wanted to wish you luck! Lots of supportive people here to help each other through this! Looking forward to hearing how you get on 🌸


Thankyou I will keep you updated x


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