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Week 5 - Got engaged!

Hi All

I only lost 0.5 lbs this week but I'm pleased with that. I got engaged last weekend so there have been a few meals out and lots of champagne consumed over the last week, so 0.5lbs is actually really good! haha

Back on track with a definite goal to aim for now. I have a year to plan the wedding and get into shape. That said, I'm not going to go on a mad diet ahead of the wedding, or worse, buy a dress that is too small and hope I'll slim into it! I tried that before and my dress was so tight on the day that I could barely breathe!

Maybe I should put some pictures of dream dresses up on the fridge to help motivate me!

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Congratulations! It's no wonder you did some indulging and great that you still lost some weight. You've got a year to lose the weight so take it steady as this is a plan for life. Healthy eating, exercise and moderation is the key. Have a good week! :)


Congratulations on your engagement! :-)


Congratulations on your engagement. Did you take into account the extra weight of the ring when you weighed yourself! Well done for the weight loss and wishing you a happy future.


Congratulations! Something REALLY worth working towards😊


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