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Tomorrow is another day

The glums😣 this is day 3 and the diet crabbiness has arrived! !!! I must be an emotional eater and the withdrawal makes me feel down.




Fed up.

Maybe it's sugar, don't know, but i always struggle.

Trying to get through it😟

Tomorrow is another day....as said in Gone with the wind😊

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yes for me too. tomorrow is another day .i am fighting to keep away from rice...

its a struggle for me ;)


Yes, i am not alone, it is hard 😕


No one said it was going to be easy! No pain, no weight loss. It really does get easier as I'm addicted to sugar too. I gave in and had some carrot cake last week and for the next couple of days I found it even harder to say no. We all have our favourites but I think we forget they are to be enjoyed in moderation especially if they aren't healthy foods. You will be so proud of yourself when you are in control so don't give in!


You're right, i will be chuffed if i stay in control, ive got to get past this ☺


Okay this gross! In my bad days (2 months ago) sometimes I would buy 200gm bars of chocolate, munch it and then spit it out. Less calories but that is how low I had sunk as I was so worried about my addiction. Hope I've turned your stomach. Ha Ha. x

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Wow! All i can think is how on earth did you manage to spit it out..but I hope you've come through it. I know ive got temptations to beat 😊


Oh, you need to find a healthy swap for these moments: herbal teas, a piece of brown toast, fruit... We've all been there, I was about to buy chocolate yesterday after months of not having any, but I forced myself to walk away from it. Good luck!


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