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goodbye and thanks for all the tips!


It has definitely been a while.

And now I can't even remember what goals I set out for myself!

But what I do know is this: I am more toned than before, more active than before, I get a lot more compliments and I am definitely much much happier and stronger as a result.

I no longer feel I have to put in extraordinary effort to "keep it up". I AM this more active person.

It is definitely an uphill struggle. For all those still in the early months, and possibly years, don't dismay. Keep at it.

Good luck to everyone

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Thank you! And well done for reaching that place where you feel comfortable and happy! In the end I think this is what we are all seeking! 🌺


Not sure who you are :| but good luck though.


Enjoy life and stay healthy, please come back every now and then to leave some of your tips, good luck!


Glad you are feeling so much better about yourself, good for you. The forums will always be here if you ever need support or advice. All the best and good luck


well done for getting there! thanks for the motivation!


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