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Getting back to basics

I am going to post this on here as well as c25k. After my successes with weight loss and fitness over the previous 18 months, I have lapsed since the beginning of the year. I was blaming the weather, starting with hurricane force winds on the 3rd of January and seemingly non stop wet and windy since. However, that was not really a good enough reason as there was always the treadmill. I was still going to jog Scotland and aqua-fit but my portion control eating habits lapsed as well.

So today, more or less on the first anniversary of my graduation, I was out with Laura again on week 4. (The reason for starting there is that my I Pod isn't working properly & I can only play that podcast. I will be buying a new player of some sort, but that's scary, as the hardest part of c25k for me last year was the technology! :-).)

On the eating front, the meals are planned & calorie counted, there is a batch of home made hummus in the fridge and a big pan of soup on the stove. I plan to kick off the 3 kilos I put on over the winter plus the 2 I didn't previously get rid of.

No marathon this year, but will be doing 5 & 10 ks and maybe consider a half next year.

Now I have my bus pass I will use it to get to town to the gym a couple of times a week as well.

I am really looking forward to doing this and feeling as fit as I did last year.

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Good on you! You sound truly fired up and ready to get back to where you were last year - good luck with it ;-) I wish that i had caught myself at that point instead of letting the back-sliding go on way too long and now having a lot of weight to lose and fitness ground to regain. However the main thing is that we are all on here and determined to do what's right for us, whatever our starting (restarting) point :-) Wishing you well... ;-)


Thank you & good luck to you too.


Hi Windswept1,

You sound motivated and prepared, and both of those will stand you in good stead! Great to hear you've cooked that big pan of soup and homemade hummus - and your plans to do the smaller runs (5k and 10ks) sounds really motivating.

Good luck with everything, and hope you lose that weight again and feel fitter and healthier generally.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you


It's evident your expectations are enjoyable, more realistic, and sustainable this time. Good luck!


Well done for fessing up and getting back on the wagon, I am sure you'll reach any goals and targets you've set for yourself with ease!

I am finding hard myself at the moment, not from a weight point of view (that's pretty stable) but from an activity point of view, I've been nursing a shoulder injury since last May, which I feel has slowly strangled my fitness as it got worse and worse over the year, I have though managed to keep up the running, but not the weights. I had an op at the end of February and I ended up having both muscle and ligament repairs being done, I am looking at another 6-12 months before I am back to full health with it! :/ Very frustrated.


Ouch, sounds nasty. hope you make a full recovery sooner rather than later.


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