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Been seeing a lot of posts to do with exercise and for those of us that can't it doesn't mean you can't lose weight if it isn't in your weight loss plan. I can't walk more that a few paces without pain and use a mobility scooter to get around. Stairs are impossible, so swimming, running, walking and gym are definitely out of the question. I need a right knee and left hip replacement so I literally don't have a leg to stand on. Ha ha. We don't have a shower and I can't get in the bath so it's wash downs in the kitchen. Two years ago I was working and walked everywhere, I had a lovely garden and enjoyed life and the exercise definitely kept some of the weight off although I was still overweight. Being disabled changes your life and for those that are in the same or similar position as me, don't give up! In the last 65 days I have lost 11/2 stones so even though it seems an impossible task it really isn't. I can't burn calories with exercise so I make up for that by eating less than someone who can. Simples.

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Really inspirational! thank you for sharing your story


What a good post! It's basic to adapt what we eat to what we burn, it looks like you have it under control, keep it up!

Thank you for sharing. I think you are amazing.

ellandrhia in reply to eeek1110

Thanks, I'm nothing special.

nhs2015 in reply to ellandrhia

You have to be! Look at that gorgeous cat

I thought that I couldn't go swimming.. Like you I can't walk far without being in pain,running if definitely out. I decided to try the aqua exercise class at the local leisure centres and was really surprised at how much I could do. you don't even have to do much as walking through the water is good exercise. All the swimming pools now have chair lifts that get you in and out of the pool. As I have found out if you don't try you will never know. And strange though it may seem my muscles relax a bit more in the water, Yes I am in a lot of pain at the night but I think that it is worth it in the end . Well done with the weight lose, it must not have been easy.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately my local swimming pool is miles away and I can't use the bus. I have looked into it but as my hip gets locked with the slightest movement and causes me terrible pain I would have problems even getting changed and walking to the pool. I appreciate the thought though.

Anyone that knows me will know this is a subject that is close to my heart, it frustrates me so much when I see people having the methodology of "Move More and Eat Less" thrust upon them at every direction for this very reason. As often the people that can't Move More are the people who are in need of urgent weight loss for chronic health reasons and the last thing they need is to feel defeated before they even start.

No one is going to argue that there are substantial and long term health benefits to regular exercise however being Critical to weight LOSS is not one of them. If you get what you are eating right, you will lose weight and that's a fact and I'll stand up and argue it with anyone, even a professor of nutrition, because I did it also, I lost my first 10 stone without doing anything that could be described as physical activity, because I could not due to a physical disability at the time.

If someone chooses to use exercise as a weight loss tool and is completely successful, then fantastic, really I mean, anything that allows you to achieve your goals is brilliant but please just be mindful when advising certain people.

Keep going Ellandrhia, I am sure you'll reach your goal in the end.

Thank for the post, it's good to know that there are people out there that truly understand.

Good on you Ellandrhia, how about arm excercises? From experience I find my legs are firming up but I now have those wings..... I wish I could do something with. I have to start working on my arms to get rid of it..

Thanks for your encouragement. I also can't exercise much as I walk with aids.(my wheels I call them!) I have lost 2st1lb. but it's taken 3years. You have done very well to lose in the time you have

Good on you.

We get too fixated on the need to train for a marathon in the Antarctic.

No one's mentioned chairobics. There's also a concept of non exercise activity thermogenesis, a fancy way of saying any activity that burns calories will help. I seem lucky compared to you. I can stand to do computer work. It sounds as if anything from the chair might be difficult. Well done for you success :)

JanMac75 in reply to fenbadger

A couple of years ago I played badminton twice a week, Kettlebelling , combat training , walked the 2 miles to work had a quite active life even though I was overweight. I then acquired a Chiari malformation which led me not being able to walk more than 10 steps , immense pain and put another 3 stone on...Had an op to help rectify it , due to 12 months ofimmobility my muscles had knotted...Chair aerobics were wonderful for helping me get back into moving...some marvellous ones on You tube.


Yes, it is definitely possible to lose weight without exercise. I have done it. No-one should think they can't lose weight because they can't exercise.

BUT a lot of people think they can't exercise because they have very fixed ideas about what exercise means and they think that only intensive exercise which burns lots of calories will help them to lose weight. I reckon it is a bit more subtle than that. I think exercise does help weight loss rather than simply having other health benefits (certainly a small shift in my own health which meant I could attempt to be a little more active has made losing weight easier (not faster, not more successful, easier)... and given the amount/intensity it could not possibly have been about calories burned. What works for me has been very surprising and involves some fine judgment and dare I say it, bravery eg swimming is more of an issue for my joints than higher impact stuff, a running motion is less painful than walking (and I have largely lost a specific pain I had for years that for many other people is brought on by running!)

The key thing is - what way of thinking helps you to achieve necessary weight loss? And what way of thinking is an excuse to do nothing? It will be different for different people.

I certainly don't just 'do nothing'. Being disabled certainly has prevented me from proper exercise. However, I do go out on my scooter and it's amazing how many things you can do from a sitting position. In fact, just be being awake and changing position you are burning calories. Believe me, my brain is getting a full workout everyday.

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