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Hello. So after being unable to find any clothes to fit me this morning I have decided to try 12 weeks of this plan. I literally don't usually last more then a few hours on a healthy eating plan and I have done them all.

I think I need to find more realistic goals that aren't 7lbs in one week. I'm going to aim for 1lb a week for the rest of the year and I'm going to try and accept that that's ok and a good loss.

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Oh you're so right to take it slowly. I like you want to take it slow but sure. I've been on diets where you meet up with a group then it's a competition to see who's lost the most weight that week and who's the slimmer of the week! Just think...1lb a week for a year is almost 4 stone...slimmer of the year! Good luck to you.

You aren't going to try the plan.... you are going to do it! There's help and support for you here, as we are all in the same boat so understand how you feel. I've lost 4lbs this month and am really happy with that. Set yourself a target that you can achieve so you'll feel positive about your weight loss and change in eating habits. It isn't easy but it's the start of a new you and you'll be so much happier once you can fit into your clothes again. Keep in touch!

Hi, it's great that you've decided to make a change, I definitely agree about the realistic goals, if you lose weight too fast by the faddy diets it will come back, plus more (experience speaking). From what I've read, 1-3lb a week is a healthy rate to lose it.

You have come to the right place for motivation and support, I started the plan last week and I 've found this forum brilliant, I log on whenever I'm having weak moments!

Good luck and keep us posted! 🌸

I'm starting today and know that I'm going to need all the help I can get as I start off positive when I'm on holiday (I'm a teacher) and when I go back to work I will slip. Need to break the cycle! Slow and steady is my plan and I need to find food that gives me energy, is healthy and satisfying as I can't concentrate on teaching when I feel hungry!!!

Your in the right place to do it.. Everyone on here is so supporting & polite yet all going through the same thing! Stay positive Goodluck

Hey welcome to the group, taking it slow and making sustainable changes is the best way to do it. The nhs 12 week plan has been successful for a lot of people on here. If you are counting calories the myfitnesspal app is a godsend, i wouldnt be without it nowadays. Good luck and all the best

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