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Breakfast at Wetherspoons

We have just got back from breakfast at Wetherspoons; this time I turned away from the full vegetarian breakfast at over 900 calories and had eggs benedict (no ham), it's now lunchtime and I am still full, it was 500 calories. The large English is 1500 calories!

I am hoping to develop some new habits over the next 11.5 weeks and stick to them as I have been successful before in losing the weight and put it back on again :( I've never paid enough attention to keeping the weight off and it's worse than before as I now have a sedentary job. I've had some really helpful suggestions already (only on day 5) have a good Sunday all.

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Yay that's brill, well done! Feels great to be making healthier decisions doesn't it! I opted out of our usual bacon/sausage covered in ketchup sandwich Sunday breakfast and had smoked salmon and 2poached eggs, so yummy and 253kcal (although my poaching technique leaves a bit to be desired, the yoke escaped from the white.. lol!) tasted great tho and filled me up!

Good luck and enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🌸


I know what you mean Anna, feeling more in control - enjoy your Sunday evening.


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