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Tomorrow I plan to start following the NHS diet to lose some much needed weight. I have followed so many diets for the last year and am sick of losing next to nothing, I use portion control ,eat the correct food and exercise 5 times a week but seem to just stay the same!! This is the last thing I'm going to try then im off to the GP to see if they can help!! Anyone got any good tips or would like to join me in my battle with obesity 😊.x


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  • Hi, I weighed in at 13 stone 6lb this morning and having high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a tyre round my belly the Michelin man would be proud of, I have decided enough is enough. Shall we support each other? Weigh in on a Sunday morning? Message a couple of times a week? What do you think?

  • Sounds like a plan, I weighed 13 7 this morning, we can keep each other going!! Are you following a diet or doing your own thing?

  • I am going to follow the nhs plan as I cannot stick to diets and don't believe they are the best way to go as I just have to change the way I eat for ever. I am British but live in Holland and will be leaving for York today on a school trip for 6 nights. If you don't hear from me it's beacuse I don't have internet but I will try to send a message to say how it's going. I will be back on Saturday so will write then for definite. Hang on in there and here is hoping there is a little bit less of us on the weigh in on Sunday!

  • How you getting on? I have lost 2lbs so far and am feeling quite motivated at the moment!

  • Are you keeping a record of every things that pass through your mouth? Do you read labels for sugar contents? I am starting week nine on the NHS plan and it is working for me. i am sure you will be happy.

  • Dutch girl...enjoy your trip let's hope we get some good results😊.

    nhs2015 thanks for your message yes I keep a food diary, I have done all sorts of diets in the past and they have worked but it's not shifting at the moment I'm hoping that coming on here gets me some motivation before I fall off the wagon!

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