Lost 1.5 lbs first week

Well, weighed in yesterday and down 1.5lbs so that's good but even better is that I actually fitted into my size 12 jeans (tightly). I ate very little bread all week, big bowls of fruit, soups, porridge with banana & syrup and even a bit of chocolate. I didn't get to exercise a lot but did about 3 good walks with pram but will run today & tomo. Think the lack of bread def helped reduce bloating for jeans to fit, would love another 1.5lbs off next week. Hope everyone doing good..

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  • Well done thats great keep up the good work. I weigh in sunday so not sure on weight but within my calories and exercised so all good :-) hope you have another successful week

  • Good luck, I was hoping for a bit more weight loss but it's a loss and that's the main thing and your right, I think if you stay within your cals and exercise it will come off. I'm hoping for good week next week as hoping my body just adjusting. Hope you've lost tomo

  • As you say hopefully its just your body adjusting, although smaller weight losses tend to be easier to maintain long term so could be a good thing in the long run. Although i know it can be frustrating to start with. Im sure you will get there though you sound really focused and positive

  • 👏👏👏well done, keep up the good work ... Great news about the jeans too 😉

  • Well done,

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