Enough is Enough I need my life back!

I have spent the day on the iPad looking at ways to lose weight quick fixes usually, when I had an epiphany this afternoon after my daughter asked me why I was breathless and I had only walked up the stairs ! I need to get my life back stop feeling sorry for myself, stop making up excuses get a grip and put some effort in.. I am making myself in happy my hubby and my children un happy because I am in happy and miserable and stresses all the time . This time is for good and I am not not going to give up . Tomorrow is the start of the new ME and I am doing it properly no quick fixes. Now I have wrote all this I feel there is no going back and I feel very positive.

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  • You have the right attitude now so go for it. I've started on that road too. Just my first day but I am feeling positive.

  • Thanks I know it's not going to be easy I've never used forums but I think they can help keep you on track and positive

  • Absolutely, being in control is really empowering and being 'accountable' on the forum has kept me on track this week ... It's my first weigh in tomorrow 😉

  • Oh god I hate first week weigh ins your expectation to have done well is usually high and so many times I've been disappointed but I have learned not to expect much the first week ( I have hypothyroidism ) so it's usually my 2/3 rd week before I see any change. So good luck I'm sure you will have done well let us know .

  • Keep us up to date with your progress, remember also if you have a bad day don't give up! :)

  • Perhaps down load the NHS 12 week plan, it's a good place to start.

  • I have already done so I did the 12 week classes my local authority ran but I didn't much like the lady delivering it didn't have much empathy. So I m giving this ago feel very excited now to get started

  • True, my only previous experience at weight loss involved 'ladies' who lacked empathy ... Hence trying this method ...

    Good Luck (this is only my 2nd week and also excited 😃)

  • I was the same 13months ago joined Slimming world and have never looked back I've lost 4st 10lbs without ever being hungry and still had treats when I wanted them good luck on your journey.

  • That's great! Remember there are no quick fixes... You didn't wake up one morning and find you were fat did you ? So it's crept on over the years and that's how you will have to lose it.

    Think of it as a new way of eating. Take the time to find out what suits you. Use My Fitness pal to log your food and be honest about it . Build in some walking if you can , slowly at first and then build it up.

    Most of all remember that your family need you to be fit and healthy so do it for them!

  • Oh thank you it's just the positive feedback I need to hear cheers

  • Couldn't agree more.

  • Yay, I'm feeling positive reading your post too! Just starting today, wishing you lots of luck

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