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New and feel motivated by posts


I decided today to start taking control and get some of this excess baggage off. I've been reading some posts and can say I feel motivated by the fact this site seems to work. I've got a fair few stone to lose so any help or advice from others would be gratefully received. In a bid to get fit as well I've also got the couch to 5k app in for a penny ....etc.

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Thats the spirit :D I've found it helps to take one day at a time. Doesn't feel quite so overwhelming then. That and the buckets of support we have on here.

Good Luck

Thank you for that. Fingers crossed I can stick to the plan :-)

You should mark down the date because today is the day you've made one of the best decisions of your life :) i wish you the best of luck :)

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Thank you, this site really is helping keep me motivated.


I hope you will do well. For me i simply find that running for 30 minutes helps lose weight. I work out at the gym and i tend to do intervals: So i sprint for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds etc. If I am too tired I rest for 1 minute before sprinting.

I also try to do strength training after cardio in order to build muscle. At the moment I look abit bigger than when i started loosing weight because of my muscle training, but i try not to do too much and I am loosing fat so eventually i will look smaller and have muscles.

Hope this helps

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Hi Chiedza, thanks for the advice. I'm also trying the couch to 5k as I've never been much of a runner/jogger. Once I get past the 9 weeks hopefully I can continue on as you do with the sprint and rest.

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