All gone wrong

All was well until an awful day at work on tuesday...some where between then and now i seem to recall a big bar of chocolate and a whole load of other forbidden goodies... friday disappeared with a lovely bottle of elderberry gin, all be it with diet husband has just text to say he his making a chicken salad for when i get home from do i confess to being in the staff canteen with macaroni cheese and chips??


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6 Replies

  • Its no good hiding it from yourself or partner, except that you had a bad week. Start fresh from now, chicken salad sounds healthy and yummy. Tomorrow is a new day. Onwards and upwards

  • But this week i have two posh meals to go to so may have to defer and start again next week....

  • Its down to you really. I would eat healthily and exercise still go to the meals and enjoy yourself but stick to the plan the rest of the week. Treats now and then isnt a bad thing

  • as far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong with maccie cheese and chips as long as the portion size wasn't enormous, (Like what would happen at my works canteen) and you are aware of the calories you just ate. If it falls within your allowance where's the problem. But are you truly worried about what his reaction or is it a case of self inflicted guilt? Don't let it eat you up, and move on. We all have hiccups along the way.

  • Don't worry: put it all behind you! No confessions needed! Good for sticking to diet tonic.

    Stay calm, enjoy healthy things like your husband's chicken salads and turn your nose up to bland macaroni cheese and chips, all mushy, instead of crunchy like flavourful fruit and veg.

  • stick with it @lorraine62 ! 2 days this week with big meals still leaves 5 days you can eat well!

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