Disgusted with myself !!!!!!

Disgusted with myself !!!!!!

Breakfast = normal cereal

Lunch= rice salad and fruit

THEN...... I made the mistake of needing the loo & popped into a McDonald's & b4 I knew it, I had eaten chick sanwhich & large fries..cheeseburger, mcflurry...double choc cookie

Break for an hour felt disgusting went to get diesel and picked up......... Chocolates!!!! Omg I feel like crap and have the most awful wind!!! Not amused.


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24 Replies

  • june, its the same here, i am sad with myself , also spilt a glass of wine on the laptop now i have too use the smart tv .......ITS ALL PANTS!!!

  • I've been there SO MANY TIMES!!! Sucks for sure and I'm really sorry your going through this right now, not fun!!! I used to binge like that more than I would like to admit and didn't talk to anybody about it because I was so ashamed, in the later part of my binging days I was terrified because they were happening more frequently and it was getting harder to keep up with the weight. Someone on this site, in a comment recommended a forum called No2Binge that's hosted on a site called Health Sidekick. Anyways, the gal who hosts the forum describes a technique to stop bingeing instantaneously. I binged for YEARS, tried the technique and haven't binged since, no kidding! Seriously, for me that's nothing short of a miracle considering how often I was binging and to the tune of thousands of calories!! I used to go to bed sicker than a dog from eating so much! I have tried and Googled just about everything to stop, nothing has ever worked aside of this! It's literally changed my life! I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me")

    Don't beat yourself up, this too shall pass")

    BTW~ Love the picture, too funny:)

    Best of luck to you")

  • Thank you x

  • I signed up for health sidekick and went on the chat site, pretty cool:) I'm going to join the Monday meet ups:)

  • Checked out the site, it's awesome!! Thanks for the link:) Tried the chat as well and loved it too, going to try the Monday meet up this Monday. Thanks again for sharing!!!

  • I've been so bad recently, before I found this NHS plan etc (which I have only just found tonight) I decided to try and eat healthier foods... but now I just end up eating the healthy stuff as well as the unhealthy stuff. It's all just so tasty and feels good in my face and belly :(

  • Been there ,done that too...start again...have a good balance meal tomorrow...homemade meals...soup, salads and water..

  • Makes total sence and fresh day....new start. X

  • Admission is the first step to getting back on track again! You can do it! You are clearly funny, bright and sociable so use your determination now . It's hard to do after a big blow out (literally by the sound of it) but DO IT.

    Find that inner strength and resource and beat this little monkey inside you!

    Fiona x

  • I can..... I will.... Thank you x😀

  • Me too! I done the same yesterday had weetabix for breakfast and then went up the city with my sis and she had some vouchers for McDonald's so I had mc chicken sandwich fries and mc flurry didn't feel bad tho it was lovely!! Lol never mind we will just start again today x

  • My nemesis is hog roasts. Summer is torture here in Dorset with all its country fêtes and fairs. I can't walk past a hog roast without buying one! We now try to do something else when there's an event going on nearby. One that we never miss, though, is the Oak Fair at Stock Gaylard. There's only one hog roast stand - so that's ok for a treat. I can prepare for that in advance.

    I've hated McDonald's with a passion ever since I worked in one, but have had to learn to avoid KFC. Although I would still find a KFC delicious I try to think of it as toxic, rather than simply unhealthy. Any 'fast' food is forbidden. I've also had to get having a cup of tea and a slice of cake everywhere we go under control. My fault - I drag Mrs FbGb into tea shops. She doesn't have to be dragged, caveman style, by the hair though. She's getting better at resisting temptation and so am I.

    Look on the bright side. Perhaps thoughts and memories of awful wind will help you resist temptation in future? Sadly, being a bloke, it would just give me a fit of the giggles.

  • Hog roasts are OK. It's good meat, freshly-cooked, nothing wrong with it. You don't have to eat it in a burger bun.

    McDonalds do not let you use their loo unless you buy something in their restaurants.

    I don't think I would ever eat McD's so-called 'food' even if I was starving. Same with KFC. It's not food.

  • A hog roast is ok (even with the bun). However I find it difficult to resist trying to go the 'whole hog'.

  • Lol... Fat belly!!! Thanks

  • June, are you maybe too harsh on yourself? Like going into the diet with a rule "from now on, ALL wine, sweets, junk are absolutely no no"? (If I said to myself I am not allowed any cake anymore, I would probably just go to the nearest shop and bought and ate it all. Only very mild exaggeration here.) Maybe it would help you if you allowed yourself a treat every day? I do that for myself and if I see temptation, I remind myself that I already have a treat planned for after dinner and I seem to be quite happy with that reassurance and pass on the temptation (and the treat is small and measured and just one, and sometimes I don't even feel like having it).

    Also, a huge difference for me was switching morning breakfast from cereal (porridge) to protein (eggs and ham), and then having lunch just meat + veg (no potateos or rice). Since I made this change, I don't get the sugar cravings anymore (I did a little experiment couple of weeks ago and had porridge for breakfast one day to see if it was really the new breakfast that made the craving stop - and on that experimental day, I ended up just like you say - I wrote about it in a post here healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... ).

    (I need to say that even though I am able to consume food and especially cakes and biscuits in enormous quantities, after having read many posts here I think I probably do not qualify for a real binger, so maybe the above is not going to help if you think you are a proper one.)

    In any case, don't say things like I am disgusted with myself. If you don't give yourself some proper TLC, who will? Ok, you made a mistake, it's done. Have a think about how to approach this constructively so it does not happen again, or so that you can see it coming and stop it in time or mitigate it. Onwards and upwards, you'll get there!

  • Many thanks for your kind words and understanding and I will look at changing my breakfast habits !! I do have organic porridge and I thought that was good thing ? Still will be trying eggs& ham ( bacon I presume) ??

    Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

  • June, I had the same. I ate porridge for 10 years and always thought it was the breakfast of champions. It was only after coming here and prompted by the NHS plan to experiment with breakfast that I found out it may be the root of all evil for me. Don't want to impose anything on you - but maybe just try and see.

    My breakfast is now a bit of a feast: 2 scrambled eggs, a slice of ham, a bit of full-fat cheese, maybe some cream cheese as well for a Ryvita cracker (not as bad as it sounds - adds up to about 350 cals). I find it very satisfying until lunch time. No more 10am snacks and cake on my lunch tray (ok, I will have the cake occasionally, but as a rational choice, not a mindless craving-driven choice). I try to delay the sweet treat until the evening (and often don't need it), so as not to create a sugar-craving chain reaction. I haven't felt the need for chips once. No science, just a personal, and still rather short-term experience.

    OlsBean and Penel have stories/posts along the same lines for more inspiration based on personal experience.

  • I have been following your posts and I think that you should focus more on your good days (if there are any, as you seem to be going off the track frequently ). Also you should know that although they are low in calories, meals high in sugar will make you feel hungry every two hours. If you change your cereal breakfast for a meal high in protein you'll see a difference. The same happens with meals based on pasta or rice, they are high in carbs and sugar. Good luck!!

  • I like the cartoon! Very funny,

    Just see this McDonalds episode as a lesson that you have learned from. You are getting wiser and won't do it again!

  • You ate mostly carbs from the meals you listed, you'll probably find your Blood Glucose levels dropped after lunch, making you crave a fix, try adding some protein and a little fat to your meals, like a couple of eggs with your salad, maybe ditch the rice for something like Avocado. Watch what cereal you eating at breakfast, porridge is by far the best for satiety but even this ends up as Blood Glucose, the only difference is the speed at which that happens.

    Some protein and Fat will keep your more satisfied, negate peaks and dips in your Blood Glucose levels eventually and should help control your urges.

  • I am learning so much on here !!! And I was sure I knew what I was doing......... Andy ideas for a weeks meal plan anyone ???

    Not sure what to eat really...will try eggs in my salad

  • Relax, your only human. Everyone is allowed to make a mistake so Lond as we don't make the same mistake twice. Mind you, if that's a photo of you in the bathroom, clipping your toenails with a handgun, I thought you looked rather cute.


  • Draw the line _____________________________ start again - it's all you can do, but admitting to yourself you've had the blowout is the first step - tomorrow's another day - we've all been there and feel your pain

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