Day 1

Well it's day 1 of this for me and as I need to lose two and a half stones I have a way to go but I have decided to mark each week on here in the hope it will keep me motivated even if I have a bad week, usual story of weight creeping on after 3 kids, being in the house is a killer for me as I'm a grazer, so wish me luck and good luck to you all!


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11 Replies

  • Hi there my story is the same, weight creped on after having 4 kids and most of the time it's hard to keep track of your own diet when you are looking after others. My journey began AGAIN just over 3 weeks ago and i've lost at stone to date. I feel good about myself and the changes I have made, but have a long ways to go...

    I wish you every success on your journey, good luck :-)

  • Hi, well I'm 3 days ahead of you, need to lose the good luck. Lets do this!

  • Good luck to you to !

  • I'm about 2 stone over where I want to be but last summer I was 3 stone over. So would like to move from this plateau. So I'm interested to see how you get on, on your journey. Be lucky :0)

  • Hope it goes well for you!

  • Good luck to you :-) iv tried literally every diet but ive always failed thx to my cravings for burgers etc but Im glad a friend told me about the drop away diet. Its absolutely amazing. Ive lost 6lbs in a week. Need to lose 3 stones. Im lovin the diet though as I dnt feel as hungry anymore yaaay :-D

  • Good luck bud! I'm aiming at climbing on myself soon, had a bad year with ill health and now slowly recovering but super out of shape. Not checked yet but I'll be looking at 2 or 3 stone too I reckon. Nice to see you starting your journey, coming back here weekly is a good idea, so see you back here soon! Keep your chin up and GOGOGO!

  • Same to you be determined and we will succeed!

  • Good luck ? and keep.going

  • Hi everyone, im similar and determined to start my good eating tomorrow, though I have done well today. Been putting it off but no more. Got 4 stone to lose but breaking is down into smaller chunks. Need some support though, which I hope to get from here.

  • Smaller chunk is a great idea I am just setting February goals for now, good luck to you!

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