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Where am I going wrong?


I've only just started properly trying to lose weight 2 weeks ago. I've signed up to the gym and have been going 5 days a week apart from a few exceptions and I've been really careful about what I'm eating and drinking and I've even cut out any snacking. I have also been careful to have small portions and not to eat past starting to feel full. And yet I've not lost any weight and it's making me lose my passion for it. I know when you push your body at first it gains a little bit of extra weight but I've not lost a single kg and now when I'm at the gym I'm not putting in as much effort. Where am I going wrong?

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Hi there, frustrating I can imagine especially after your efforts! However you mention going to the gym a lot...muscle weighs more than fat so maybe your'e pushing your body too much at the moment. I personally find (if I can stick to it) that doing the first week 'lean and green'...ie: cut out all carbs and fats and stick to just over 1000 cals a day. Eat all green veg (preferably steamed) , salads without oils and dressings etc, certain low cal fruits, and lean meats and fish (chicken fillets, lean cold cuts, steak, pork chops, all fish...grill or dry fry in good non stick pan) I always lose weight doing this the first week but I need to introduce pulses, brown rice and potatoes etc second week as I then crave carbs, and we do need them, so a only week without is ok. Go easy on the exercise, maybe swim instead to begin? It's a good kick start to losing weight which I've just started doing as I'm 2 stone overweight, have high BMI and high blood pressure. Time to take charge! Good luck and keep faith!

If you tone your body up quickly it turns into muscle which weighs more...are you counting your calories per day ? Have a good week 3...

muscle weighs more than fat so u have to be careful. what are u doing at the gym for exersizes?

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To be honest it doesnt feel like Im doing all that much muscle work but ofcourse im no expert so i may well be. All i do is alternate between the rowing machine and the treadmill but most often im on the treatmill. Ive noticed a very slight difference in my arms but there doesnt seem to be any difference in my legs. I can still see the same fat jiggling. Then again i have been trying hard to be disciplined amd push myself so it may well be building muscle.

harleychick in reply to KD4593

It is buding up my friend and u don't notice it. Has many days a week do u go to the gym? What kind of foods r u eating? I can help u with that too. I am a nurse.

I have heard when you are building muscle, it weighs more than fat, so maybe you have more muscle and are doing really well, with the gym work 5 days a week you will be getting stronger and heavier maybe??

Exercise won't make you lose weight though it will tone you - counting calories will. Keep a log of what you eat on the free MyFitnessPal and don't eat back the calories you burn.

Exercise will help a tiny bit with weight loss, but it will help a huge amount with your overall health. Going to the gym 3 times a week for at least 30 minutes is hugely beneficial - ask any doctor. If you are eating below your base metabolic rate (500 calories/day is a good idea) you will lose weight. However when you start exercising you will take on water. This happened to me when I first started at the gym. Just keep on doing what you are doing and it will all come together eventually.

OK... so this IS an interesting one... exercise ALONE ( although HUGELY beneficial to your overall health) has been shown to not be the BEST means for losing weight.. exercise PLUS restricting calory intake works better for WEIGHT loss ...

Apparently what CAN happen ( in the short term) when we exercise more.. is we ' over compensate' in other areas of our lives.. either by 1. not doing as much at other times ( so not actually having much net exercise gain) .. or 2 . eating MORE because we feel 'virtuous' cos we have exercised...

but controlling eating PLUS exercise better than controlled eating alone...

and EXERCISE best way of maintaining loss!!

does this make sense?

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