I need to start again

well... i had a bit a drama happen and i stuffed my face :( .... with McDonald's and this was teatime last night, therefore i'd already eaten and so my calories are way way up there and i'm gutted - i know i have to just shake it off, however i am really bummed out that i only made it through a day and half :(

This diet was far easier to do in the planning stages :)

So i need that kick up the bum people ... motivate me please...


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6 Replies

  • These things happened. I went out and stuffed my face last week but the next day I went all out with exercise to compensate for it.

    Don't think that you've ruined everything because you had one slip up!

  • it is just one day, not the end of the world! your body and mind are still getting used to this healthy eating lark and, if you are anything like me, you have a lot of bad habits to get out of. Just pick yourself up, put this down to experience, and get back on it. This gets easier as you go on, but even now, after 8 months on the plan, I still have days when I think "stuff it" and go over my calories. The important thing is that it is just the odd day now, rather than every day like it was previously. You CAN do this!

  • I understand how your feeling.I've just had a birthday and ate far too much .I hate myself for giving in to temptation.my sweet tooth let's me down.I definately need a good kick.Good luck for the future x

  • I understand how your feeling. I've just had a birthday and eaten far too much.My sweet tooth let's me down.I hate myself for giving in to it I definitely need a good kick.Good luck for the future x

  • Thank you for the support - today is a new day - fingers crossed

  • Don't start again! Just carry on the next day. You had a bad day this week, but that might even motivate you to keep the rest of the week going well. You're going to have slip ups here and there, but the best thing you can do is shrug it off and keep going. No point getting down about it and no point re-starting! Good luck :) it gets easier x

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