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I am weighed in and ready for Monday


Okay so i faced the machine at Tesco, i just walked right up there next to the store bogs and got on (well, after waiting for someone else to get off it first of course - if i'd of climbed on with them that would have been a little weird and most likely overly personal as i didn't know them!)

This machine had certainly seen better days (it was a little beat up - but i swear it was like that when i arrived!) Put my 50 pence in and pushed the button.

It asked for my age and told me to stand still and straight up to measure my humble hobbit height. Then loudly it told me to hold the handles and wait for the other reading provided. I did this and it took quite a while, much to my husbands amusement - i got a bit worried that i'd broke it as it was taking much longer to count up all my jelly wobbles than the previous user but it then abruptly told me to get off and collect my measurements receipt.

Current weight: 20 stone 7 lbs (130.1 kg)

Height: Barely hobbit

Fat Mass: 9 stone 11 lbs

BMI: 48.4

According to The test: what diet is right for you i am:

38% Emotional eater

37% Constant Craver

25% Feaster

This doesn't help in picking any of the diets, so i'm guessing i'm possibly suitable for them all! Therefore i am going to try an intermittent diet first with the NHS program - Go me!

So lots of Fiber, fruit and water for me - i do need to measure my waist still, however in one of my darker moments i cut up my last tape measure and condemned it hell for telling lies, so that might have to wait until i can get a new one.

My current dress size is 24 bottoms and 24/26 top so i'll go with the dropping dress sizes until then.

Roll on Monday my lovely people, i have fat to burn.

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Well done u for doing the first and hardest step..... The scales.....it's all good from now on ..... U go girl ..... All the best x x

Hi and welcome to the group. Well done on making a positive decision :-)

Facing the scales and knowing you have a long way to go can be daunting. Take it a step at a time and set yourself smaller goals to aim for and re-evaluate them at each goal post you get to. At my biggest i was over 22st and have yo-yo dieted over the years til i started the nhs plan 11 weeks ago at 18st 13lbs. In 11 weeks of calorie counting and increased exercise i have lost 2 st 4lbs. I started at a 24 bottom and 18/20 top im now a 14/16 top and 20/22 bottom. I tell you this to show you it is possible, keep track of your progress so you can see how well you are doing. I have a food diary, an exercise diary and a weight loss diary lol sounds a lil obsessive but keeps me focused and motivated and for the first time in a decade i am taking control of my life. It will be hard work but so rewarding.

Good luck with your journey and if i can help, support or motivate in any way then message im more than happy to try to share my experiences with people as i find swapping stories motivating and inspirational.

Stay strong and remember you can do this!!!

Loved your post! You sound great fun and I think you stand every chance of being successful. I loved the TV programme about what diet is best and I know that I love stuff like bread, potatoes etc so have plumped (excuse the pun) for low GI. I am just a bit heavier than you (18st 11) and have lost already from 19.3.

Forever I have been fat and now I'm fat and unhealthy. I'm 50 and going walking in the Lake District for a week in March, my aim is to be able to walk up any incline and not stick to huffing and puffing around flat paths.

I've dieted all my life and tried every single type of diet many times, I have come so close to having a gastric band thinking that is the only way, and now feel more like my head is in there right place to say to myself....'c'mon, this is possible and you are a strong woman in so many areas of your life, ,use food, and don't let food use you'. I made a commitment to not abuse my body anymore and to love myself a bit more, enough to want to treat my body with some respect.

I'm loving the My Fitnesspal app and am putting absolutely every morels of food on my diary trackers. No cheating and being really honest ...it feels like I have some control. So, very determined and with an aim to be healthy. A nice perk willbe be able to wear nice clothes from nice shops too! Thanks for listening and really hope you do ever so well. Keep in touch so I can see and you can carry on prodding me and inspiring me.

The version of the 5:2 Diet in the Horizon programme wasn't terribly helpful as it said 800 calories on consecutive 'fasting' days but you then had to keep to a Mediterranean diet on the other days. The version I follow is 500 calories on two non-consecutive days a week, up to 2000 on the other five, and I averaged a seven pounds a month weight loss.

Thank you Gingernut49 - That seems a great plan - i will order the book as soon as i can.

I honestly prefer the book by Kate Harrison called The 5:2 Diet - it's a far easier read - and it's on kindle too, only £1.99. tinyurl.com/pefa3s7

Thank you - i will definitely get that! :)

Thank you for all your support lovely people.

HI Holly just started out a few weeks ago too in for the long haul with about six stone to say goodbye to . Also hobbit like at 5'1

that's great - we can start a fellowship :). I got married in February 2008 and since the birth of my first daughter in Sept 08 i haven't been able to get my wedding ring on my sausage-like finger! It's kind of my precious lol. it's been hanging on a chain above my bed for years now, waiting for the moment i reclaim it. So close yet so very far away.

Hi Annie, let me know how it' showing!

Hi guys Hollie you're lucky i cant get my wedding ring off lol! There for almost 27 yrs now but it would be nice to be able to slip in on and off with ease and not have it welded into place!

Chris thanks have lost 8lb so far 4th weigh in tomorrow will be most suprised to have stayed the same let alone lost any as i have been sluggish all week alas no lettuce consumed! Plenty of water drunk tho my kidneys are drowning

My husband found a tape measure :) - i clearly must have missed it in the last rampage! so my measurements are: (drum roll please - belly jiggle will do should you not have a drum.)

Waist: 122cm

Hips: 148cm

Upper arm: 43cm

Neck: 40cm

Bust: 139cm

Thigh: 80cm

I took these measurements because that's what was listed on this app thingy i got - not sure why i measured my neck? Is that maybe a bloke thing for shirts ? - i don't wear shirts generally because i need the stretchy stuff, lol. Does anyone know ?

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You can apparently use your neck, waist and hip measurements to work out your % of body fat. The maths is on line, if you want to do it!

oh right, thank you.

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The weighing machine has given you your body fat already, so no need to bother, unless you like maths.

Good luck with your weight loss. Home-made veg soup is great for filling you up and stopping the hunger. Avoid the ready made stuff if you can.

Don't look at too much, it just gets depressing and that's unhelpful, we have enough going on. Weigh and height are enough for BMI. No idea why the neck measurement and I'm a bloke.

I don't do big targets. I just think "cant do that" and that's unhelpful too. Each time I put a new hole in my belt or get a size smaller I feel good. Last month I got back into my old work suit of 1998. (wont go into why I kept it :) )

Whatever strategy you end up with the sums are simple. Income MUST be less than expenditure.

Loads of luck and success.

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Thank you, keeping it simple is most likely the best thing for me . :)

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I think it's best for most of us, me too.

I live by the K.I.S.S. system. Keep It Simple, Stupid.

All diets have a few things in common.

1 you'll be hungry at least part of the day.

2 the reputable ones are based on good "normal" nutrition ie healthy and balanced (but these days we don't seem to know what that is) That's regardless of low GI or 5:2

3 they only work if you burn more than you eat.

That said it's possible to retrain your stomach's expectation but if it was easy we'd all be perfect.

I was watching Life of Mammals. Cant remember the name but it mentioned a gene that makes everything eat when possible because you don't know when the next meal is coming. I used to say it's 5million years of evolution, clearly it's 65 million years of evolution. Dogs don't have an off switch either. It's only the owners that keep them slim.

This is a good simple help nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw...

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