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Weighed myself...way more than I thought

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Well, firstly happy new year! Had an amazing evening, with friends round last night. Ate and drank plenty as I knew today is my new start. About 1.30, when everyone had gone to bed, I decided to get on the scales, while I was happy and a tad (yeah ok) merry. 16 stone 13.....about 8lbs more than I expected. I know it was at night, so maybe a bit of a false reading, but it's done now, and I know where I'm starting from. To get to the upper end of a healthy weight band, I need to lose 5 stone 7 lbs, which is a nice round number of half stone chunks. Quite a lot of them but it is what it is. I'm also doing Dry January so I made sure I tipped what alcohol was left down the sink, although I'm very determined not to drink. Here we go peeps, onwards and downwards. And here's to a happy, healhierarchy and lighter 2017.

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I guess it doesn't really matter when you weigh yourself as you are looking for a downward trend but I would probably do it at the same time from now on. I think i am going to do dry January as well. I feel a bit of a fraud as I only drink 1 or 2 units a week anyway but I feel the need to detox. I wish you luck and determination in 2017😃

The hardest part is stepping onto those scales and being confronted with the stark reality of what they tell you, but you've done that and so now you can plan for the future in the knowledge that things can only get better. Goood luck.

I'm also doing dry January.. this will be my 3rd year and it does help you get out of the Christmas 'spirit'. good luck with your 2017 target x

Dry January for me too (I actually started this 2 days ago). I've got at least 4st to lose 😭I'm hypothyroid so the weight is difficult to shift, but I am going to try the 5:2 and up the amount of exercise (I'm not starting the diet until tomorrow though).

Good luck everyone!

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I find as I get older it's much harder to shift weight, even without any additional unhelpful thyroid issues. I know I'll feel better for binning the alcohol though, I did it last year, slipped back recently though.

Dry January good plan! I've been putting all my calories into my Fitbit since Christmas and booze has clocked up the most calories :)

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I can understand that! I thought a fitbit just measured exercise etc, didn't know it was a calorie counter too. What's the best kind to get Hazza?

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I've got a flex 2 as it goes swimming- 79.99

Well done I'm giving up alcohol too. As I drink then eat

Another participant for dry January here. I'm quite good at cutting it down, but in the blink of an eye its back up again. My scales whilst terrifyingly high at least gave me a nice 'round' target of 15 stone to work with !!!!! I've set myself a tagged of 3 stone to loose this year and I am going t make sure I succeed. Good luck everyone WE CAN DO THIS xxx

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