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LCHF - 3 Weeks In

So today is the end of the 3rd week since I started my LCHF lifestyle and what I love about it is that everything feels so natural ... even though I'm not having sugar and limiting my carbs between 20g - 30g a day, I still feel great.

Today I have a single piece of candy (just to experiment not because I craved it); in the past I'd go through the entire packet but I stopped at one piece and didn't feel like having more. I think my taste buds got more shocked than pleased with the sugar...

It's so great to be eating to satiety without overeating or feeling deprived - and as much as I haven't seen any changes in the cm (centimeters) loss, I still feel awesome about this change and I always remind myself that this is easy, and all I have to do is to stick to it... To be honest, I don't feel as though I'm on 'a diet' or that I've made 'drastic changes'... I feel ok about everything.

One thing I miss though is fruit salad - sure, I have a few berries in my full fat yogurt with some nuts but it's not the same. As much as I miss fruit, I also understand and accept the reason why I can't have it in huge amounts at this time... and besides, I will have more fruit once my goals are reached (within reason obviously)... I understand that right now fruit isn't that great for me because I need to lose a lot of weight.

Tomorrow is my check in / weigh in (kg's, cm's, body muscle, fat and water percentages) and I lost a lot of weight (probably water) in my first week and slowed down a lot in my 2nd week.... let's see what this week shows. I was very strict this week and have kept my carb intake at my goal of 20g but still didn't manage to get some fitness minutes in....

Wk 1 - lost 2.9kg

Wk 2 - lost 0.7kg

Wk 3 (will update this after check in)

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Well done, I'm pleased it's going so well for you. I also miss fruit, as well as porridge in the mornings but that's about it I think.

Looking forward to seeing your results this week.


Porridge! Oh my gosh, you've just reminded me about that... I miss it too. I saw this coconut flour porridge recipe on food.com but I haven't tried it or looked at the other ingredients yet. If I can get over the need to add sugar to my coffee... I can get over anything.

Thanks OlsBean, it's always great to hear about other people's thoughts on LCHF ... Keep up the good work and I'll keep pushing on (it's not even a chore to be honest)... lol


Good to hear you are doing well. I have got to the point where I can eat more fruit, but when I tried porridge a little while ago (I wasn't at home) it gave me a hugh carb crash. I wasn't expecting that!

Hope your weigh in is successful.


Thanks Penel,

I think I'll hold off on the porridge and the fruit for a while... Weigh in was ok, it went as expected. It's my ToM (time of the month) and I feel more bloated than a hot air balloon ... I know it's nothing to freak out about but I gained 900g. This was the best week for me when it came to reducing carbs, because I stayed under 20g a day all week but I'm sure the results will be better next week.

I can't wait to get to the 'comfortable-about-fruit' stage lol... You inspire me :-)


brilliant, you must be really proud of your effort and I am so pleased to hear your success story so far, I am on my week one weigh in tomorrow and looking forward to seeing what has happened, I have lost about 5cms off the waist so that is good. Like you I don't feel like I am on a diet, and it is really interesting to learn how many calories are in the food I just ate and took for granted, a lot to much for the life/ job I do sitting down nearly all day. So like you I am pleased with this 12 week challenge and love talking to other people in the forum. That is what helps me get through a bad day, this is my second week one, because half way through my first week one, I just ate all this food with fat in it. Then had to go back and start all over again, I want to give it an honest try, and like you I think it is a great way to learn about weight lose, exercise and healthy living.

Well done.

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